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Revival of the Renaissance

Glint Adv - September 18, 2014 - 0 comments

The Renaissance catapulted the world out of medieval times and into the modern era. But technology and automation in the 21st century may bring about a new Renaissance. Will these advancements bring on the dawn of a revival?

It can be hard to contain your excitement when taking into account how far technology and automation have come over the years; not to mention all of the developments that the future is sure to hold. But with this excitement comes a genuine concern for people who may soon find themselves jobless due to great ingenuity. It makes sense from a business perspective to cut overhead by automating processes or hiring an individual who has a more eclectic set of skills, including technology, rather than maintaining a team of technology experts. (After all, can’t we outsource any specific need that can’t be filled in-house to a freelance expert?) If we continue favoring cost, rather than value, it seems inevitable that we continue this trend of embracing individuals that come together when needed, rather than building teams to be ready when needed.

What do you gain and what do you give up in this approach? A great number of things. Sure, revenue return may be greater when embracing this mindset, but we’re also hurting our careers, our societies, and ourselves in the long run. The question still stands: “Why are we doing this to ourselves?” Is it simply about gaining more revenue and operating in the now? What does this mentality do to us as a society?

This route embraces a lack of concern for our economy in the future. As the middle class dwindles, and the divide between the lower and upper classes continues to grow, our economy will continue to suffer. This gap between the lower and upper classes will be hard to bridge, creating very difficult challenges for some and lucrative changes for others.

But what does this mean for the future? Rough times will bring about an influx of artists, songwriters, singers, and poets, who will flood our society with romance, care, compassion, and art, many of which we are in desperate need of. Focus will shift from an “it’s about me, as an individual” mindset, to an “it’s about us and our world.” Sadly, the rise of this rebirth may be born from the depths of some very dark places.

Our Renaissance is coming. Will you drift among culture and care, or individualism and self-importance?

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