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01. Harmonize Ideas

You hire Glint for our thinking, and when you get us, we get you too. Our job is to identify the best idea in the room, whether it’s yours or ours. Identifying great ideas is what we’re excellent at, and if no ideas come from our collaboration, we’re exceptional at coming up with them on our own. We’ll get to know your business thoroughly, and we’ll always rely on your expertise. After all, no one knows you and your business better than you. We want you to be a part of the team, so together, we can move you forward.

Glint delivers a variety of consistently high-standard concepts, and design communications and tools that will make a difference to your bottom line. We partner with individuals and companies who share our commitment to quality and excellence. This teamwork allows us to complete and deliver projects in full or utilize a client’s existing partnerships to accomplish their marketing goals. Glint’s quality control ensures that all of our work meets the “glintster” standard we expect of ourselves. Combine all of that with our industry knowledge and branding experience, and you have the perfect mix for harmonizing ideas.




In this highly competitive society we live in, a consistent brand and sound advertising strategy are necessary to differentiate yourself from competitors. The strategy must first include a clearly defined target audience. We must know who we want to go after, where they are, and how to reach them. Secondly, it is important that once we find them, that a clear and concise message attracts them. Our team thoroughly defines marketing goals and develops unique strategies that fit within your budget. We consider all advertising and marketing mediums in our planning. Our recommendations will work toward achieving the maximum sales results possible for your business.

02. Brainstorming

We find that the most successful advertising campaigns stem from a strategic collaboration between client and agency. As a result, we prefer to get the client involved in the process. Working together, we produce an outcome far more appealing than your standard, run-of-the-mill advertising…

03. Integration

Integrated marketing that focuses on the brand is where we start. If you don’t have at least three points of integration, then we need to help you get there. Once you’re there, Glint can help boost your ROI by expanding the strategy and making individual marketing mediums…

04. Glint of Reason

A digital agency sells digital, a marketing agency sells tactics, a branding agency like Glint focuses on the brand. Our agency always focuses on the brand first because if it’s not resonating correctly, budgets typically become wasted dollars. If the brand needs help, we fix it…

Formative Years


Glint began its formative years in 2000 from the corner office of a small home in North Texas. Ready to apply a new approach to advertising, each day was valued as a way to further the mission of crafting targeted and creative solutions that connect our clients to their customers, industry, and community.


Three years later, a small office was established, and the first employees became the heart of the glintster family. Working hard while developing our culture reinforced that our path was strong and allowed us to realize we had more than just a dream. Supported by our partners and validated by our industry, Glint was ready to grow.


Incorporating in 2009, the agency began maturing into the business it is today. Acquiring a digital agency and employing a lot of talented individuals along the way, Glint’s unique approach to advertising was fulfilled. Glintster and partner expectations are defined, and those connections equip the agency for continued success.


Adapting to changes in the economy, industry, and workforce, Glint continually positions itself to leverage positives and overcome challenges. Creating an environment where ownership is shared, and pathways for success are clearly defined helps ensure the agency will be healthy and thriving for years to come.

Ask us, there’s meaning behind everything we do.

What is it that you truly want to accomplish?

Tell us your goals and budget, we’ll tell you what’s possible. Glint will meet with you to discuss strategies around your objectives.


05. Helping

We’re able to listen and provide transparency to complex business challenges. Hiring Glint doesn’t mean we have to do it all. Your brand may just need oversight and direction or reassurance that it’s being represented correctly. That’s why we’re here, to help establish brands or maintain and reestablish brands that have started to tarnish. If you need help with execution, we have the experience to help with that also. Tell us where you need help, we’ll tell you if we’re a good fit.

If Glint can’t help you with an integrated advertising campaign, marketing campaign, or branding campaign, our consulting services can be an excellent way to gain our expertise and help advance the strategies of your internal team.

When you work with us, you also work with our network. We’re very selective with our partnerships, and as such, they tend to be very long relationships. Only those who understand the Glint standard make the cut, which allows you to rest easy knowing your brand is in good hands. Our printers, photographers, illustrators, producers, and digital experts help us extend our capacity and hit deadlines that other agencies won’t even attempt.


Branding is the communication of characteristics, attributes, and values of a company’s offering. It is the essential foundation that lays the groundwork…


Clients come to us with a surplus of questions. How much should I spend on marketing? How do I use my money efficiently? How do I show ROI?…


Advertising is a form of communication that is used to persuade a targeted audience to engage with a brand. At Glint, that is exactly what we do. We produce…

Happy Hour

All work and no play provides the perfect avenue for burnout. We often burn the midnight oil because that is when inspiration hits and we never…

Why our clients like us

Great group of talented professionals. Their team has an incredible imagination. They take the time to learn about your business and come up with great concepts to boost the company's presence and relevance in the sea of obscurity. We appreciated that they put our interest first, and our ROI was not just a sales pitch but a commitment. We will refer to them every chance we get.

— Shane Houshmand

Owner, Next Step Salon Consultants

The best marketing firm I have ever worked with...hands down! Professional, personal, and client-oriented.

— Anthony Diesch

Partner, Nova Landscape Group

So thankful for the partnership with Glint Advertising! My organization worked with the amazing professionals at Glint to develop a phenomenal brand refresh. During the process, Glint took the time to listen to our needs, engage in our community, and provide a clear/honest picture of the direction we needed to go in. THEY ARE TRULY THE BEST!

— Donielle Johnson

Director of Marketing and Educational Partnerships, Eastfield College

Glint was tasked with establishing a brand name, identity, and social marketing for our new outreach program. Starting from a dream and vision, and having the challenge of creating the name, look, and feel of the brand, Glint stepped in and provided an incredible pathway for our brand. We continue to work with Glint and look forward to their continued support of our program for years to come.

— Randy Parsons

Executive Director, Think Before You Sleep

The challenges of running a medical group are ever-increasing, it's nice not having to worry about our marketing and branding. The Glint team has taken us to another level, and their monthly check-ins, reporting, and ability to move things forward are refreshing. When we're not responsive, they keep moving us forward and make it happen. We've worked with agencies in the past; none of them have come close to providing the service, quality, and care that Glint does. We trust them completely.

— Judith Kutler

CEO, Kaner Medical Group