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Glint Advertising Voted 2022 Top B2B Company in Texas by Clutch

Glint Advertising - September 27, 2022 - 0 comments

Glint Advertising was voted 2022 Top B2B Company in Texas by Clutch

Clutch collects client reviews within the B2B service sphere and connects global service providers with corporate buyers worldwide. Using their unique methodology, the company determines who receives this award by evaluating each company’s expertise and ability to deliver. 

“These companies consistently deliver high-quality support and services to clients of any size,” says Aaron Morales, senior manager at Clutch.

Texas’s GDP value of $1.83 trillion makes it one of the fastest developing states in the nation. According to Clutch, Glint is a company that brings value to the region. Performance-based results and customer satisfaction are Glint’s operation cornerstones. 

The “Glint” Effect.

At Glint, “captivation is key.” Relationships come first, and differentiating brands is always the goal. As the name implies, Glint draws in audiences with brilliant campaigns that speak to the heart of client messages.

Inspiring Creativity.

Glint leverages its passion for creativity to strengthen brands. As evidenced by its studio’s decor, the agency purposely creates an environment for Glintsters to thrive creatively. The Glint studio is just a place to work but a safe place for ideas to flourish. 

“Outside-the-Box” Thinking.

Glint values an open-minded approach to storytelling and solving problems. No matter the project, Glintsters actively develop ideas and grasp innovation over the status quo. 

Excited for the Future.

Glint is always seeking new opportunities. Having completed over 1,000+ projects in its 22 years, the agency has not restricted its projects to select industries yet but stays competitive and current through exposure and knowledge.

“We are appreciative to Clutch for this distinction. Staying relevant in any business for 20-plus years is a feat, but our clients have kept us grounded, and their projects have kept us nimble,” says Erayne Gee Hill, Glint’s vice president. 

“Each project is an opportunity for greatness, and we are excited to expand our Glintster network every chance we get,” she adds.

About Glint Advertising

Glint Advertising is a branding, advertising and consulting agency in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The agency produces compelling creative work that strengthens its clients’ brands and bottom line. The Glintster “marketing mensa” mentality fuels results that matter. 

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