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01. The best balance for your advertising career

Glint is looking for talented individuals who can bring unique skill sets or a combination of skill sets that can enhance Glint as the go-to branding, advertising, and consulting agency for small and mid-size companies.

Is a career at Glint Advertising right for you? We’re proud to say everyone who is a Glintster chose Glint because we were the best fit for their life and career. The advertising field is fascinating; it’s also very stressful. It can be challenging to balance your passion for advertising and the time you spend with the family and friends you love. Glint commits to working with clients and teammates who understand that late nights, a quick pace, and efficiency can, at times, be a challenging necessity of the job. Glint believes in helping our clients and teammates overcome these challenges.

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01.1 Studio

Glint has a nostalgic and repurposed feel with a nod to modern-day technology. This feel is how we convey our visual approach. Visit our studio page to learn more.

02. Commitments

Please tell us how you align with our commitments.

  • We commit to the success of our clients and the success of Glint.
  • We commit to work together as a team and work together through all things.
  • We commit to creative problem solving with all challenges so we can produce a quality product.
  • We commit to the foundational principles of marketing and recognize new marketing tools are just that, new ways to promote a message.
  • Without a strong foundation and strategy for the message, the tool is irrelevant.
  • We don’t just show up; there’s a commitment and intention in everything we do. This intention is what advances Glint, Glintsters, and our clients.
  • To effectively and efficiently provide an exceptional level of service to our clients.
  • We commit to strengthening the team by learning, sharing, and providing insights.

03. Perks

  • Expansive Holiday Schedule (including a few unique to us)
  • Great Clients
  • Flextime
  • Flex Days
  • Vacation/Personal Time
  • 401K – SIMPLE IRA Retirement Plan
  • A variety of snacks, entrees, and drinks available at all times
  • Monthly Massage
  • $100 when you vacation and allow sharing on Glint social channels.
  • Sam’s Club Card
  • Debit Card Cash Account
  • Healthcare Reimbursement
  • Cash Out Emergency Fund
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Ownership Opportunities
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple Laptop
Fun Days at Glint

04. Open Positions

Glint wants talented problem-solvers above everything else. Confidence is a must, but egos and attitudes won’t align with our team or clients. If you can learn, teach others, and talk with clients, you’re likely the blue vase mentality we want. Tell us how you blue vase, and we’ll move you to the front of the line. We don’t concern ourselves with other agencies’ preconceived ideas of what experience a job title needs and what it should pay. Glint structures our roles and salaries based on what we need and how we define responsibilities within our work process. Your abilities within any position will require you to bring ideas to the table, strategize around executable pathways, and work independently to bring those ideas to realization.


The Apprentice opportunity focuses on the creative side of the business. The apprentice will have a working knowledge of the Adobe suite of products and demonstrated success with branding, advertising, and marketing solutions. The apprenticeship is not a beginner’s program but an advancement of learning for experienced creatives to apply their talents in real-world situations. The position is ideal for recent college graduates or experienced designers in traditional or digital platforms with no advanced degree. You will be working directly with the President of the company and learning how to efficiently and effectively produce creative solutions for the agency and its clients. The apprenticeship is a six-month learning program and only offered to individuals who demonstrate an ability to listen, learn, bring ideas to the table, and strategize around executable pathways.


Proven talent within the creative field and an eagerness to learn is what you need, so wow us with your desire for the opportunity.

Work Experience:

1+ years within a real work creative environment and can show a long-term work commitment.


$10,000 over 6 months.


Design Intern

The Design Intern position is responsible for the production and design layout of assets, bringing bold ideas to the table, pushing creative boundaries, and maintaining day-to-day interaction with the design team. They will also attend client presentations, initiate projects, present to the internal team, and design against creative briefs.


  • Has a design degree or is going into their final year of design degree
  • Experience in traditional and digital design
  • Organized
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong written and oral communication
  • Highly flexible with a “can-do” attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Teamwork mindset
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Exhibits professional maturity

Client Management Intern

The Client Management Intern position will assist in a variety of daily needs. A typical day entails client engagement, internal communication, research, and shadowing of Glint teammates. They will also enhance their knowledge around budgeting, profit margins, client communication, project management, client engagement, research, social media, writing, estimating, and presentations. In addition, they will bring bold ideas to the table, push creative boundaries, and maintain day-to-day interaction with the account team.


  • Experience with the advertising industry
  • Organized
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong written and oral communication
  • Highly flexible with a “can-do” attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Teamwork mindset
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Exhibits professional maturity
  • Displays a professional and stylish image
  • Strives to be an indispensable resource to agency

Compensation for all internships:

$200 per month stipend, three days per week, 10 am – 3 pm

Ready to apply? Start by filling out the form below.

04.1 Happy Hour

All work and no play provides the perfect avenue for burnout. We often burn the midnight oil because that is when inspiration hits, and we never want a great idea to be lost or forgotten. On occasion, we also find a great idea at the bottom of a beer glass while we’re unwinding.

Come brainstorm with us during happy hour and meet employees, friends of the agency, and clients, all of which are affectionately known as (glintsters). Happy hour with Glint is a safe place for bonding and camaraderie where glintsters come to unwind, ask for help, sometimes unload challenges from the week, and feel comfortable knowing their thoughts will never leave our four walls. The best part is we cover the cost of the snacks and beverages because all we want is your company.

Why our clients like us

Great group of talented professionals. Their team has an incredible imagination. They take the time to learn about your business and come up with great concepts to boost the company's presence and relevance in the sea of obscurity. We appreciated that they put our interest first, and our ROI was not just a sales pitch but a commitment. We will refer to them every chance we get.

— Shane Houshmand

Owner, Next Step Salon Consultants

The best marketing firm I have ever worked with...hands down! Professional, personal, and client-oriented.

— Anthony Diesch

Partner, Nova Landscape Group

So thankful for the partnership with Glint Advertising! My organization worked with the amazing professionals at Glint to develop a phenomenal brand refresh. During the process, Glint took the time to listen to our needs, engage in our community, and provide a clear/honest picture of the direction we needed to go in. THEY ARE TRULY THE BEST!

— Donielle Johnson

Director of Marketing and Educational Partnerships, Eastfield College

Glint was tasked with establishing a brand name, identity, and social marketing for our new outreach program. Starting from a dream and vision, and having the challenge of creating the name, look, and feel of the brand, Glint stepped in and provided an incredible pathway for our brand. We continue to work with Glint and look forward to their continued support of our program for years to come.

— Randy Parsons

Executive Director, Think Before You Sleep

The challenges of running a medical group are ever-increasing, it's nice not having to worry about our marketing and branding. The Glint team has taken us to another level, and their monthly check-ins, reporting, and ability to move things forward are refreshing. When we're not responsive, they keep moving us forward and make it happen. We've worked with agencies in the past; none of them have come close to providing the service, quality, and care that Glint does. We trust them completely.

— Judith Kutler

CEO, Kaner Medical Group

05. Future Positions

The needs of our agency change quickly. Apply for a future position to ensure you’re top of mind when an opportunity opens up.

  • Studio Director
  • Account Director
  • Digital Director
  • Creative Director
  • Business Director
  • Creative Designer


Please tell us how you can help and wow us with your credentials. Start by filling out this form.

06. Contract Partners

If you align with our commitments and bring unique benefits, we want to hear from you. Please tell us how you can help and wow with your credentials. Start by filling out this form.


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