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Intern Insights: Learning Through Doing

Glint Adv - November 21, 2014 - 0 comments

Internships provide great circumstances for students to grow and gain experience in their desired field, while allowing them to showcase and fine-tune their own skills. That’s why, here at Glint Advertising & Design, we believe in affording interns with opportunities that will help them succeed in their classes and in the post-college world. Glint’s current student intern, Tyler Hennes, provided insight into how an internship can be applied in the classroom:

We often hear that school prepares you for the real world. It provides you with the knowledge necessary to achieve and become someone who is proud of what they do, while loving what you do as well. However, school doesn’t teach us everything. Often times, schooling lacks the actual experience & skill building needed to succeed in your prospective field. That’s where an internship comes into play. Internships, like the one I currently hold here at Glint Advertising, give the student the opportunity to be involved, interact with, and witness daily operations. This allows them to procure experience and vital skills along the way. But how does this work in the opposite direction? What have I learned from my internship that I can apply to my schooling? To make my point simple: almost everything.

During this final semester of school at the University of North Texas, I have been taking classes alongside my internship here at Glint. At the start of my internship, it was interesting to apply what I had learned through school to my duties at the office. On the flip side, as the semester went on, I increasingly noticed what I had learned from my internship would often apply to what I was learning in class. This allowed me to achieve a better understanding of the concepts I was being taught. A great example of this was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At my internship we discussed the topic of SEO and how intricate and important it truly is to a businesses and their online presence.

At just past the half waypoint of the semester, our social media class received a project in which we were to choose a local client and develop a social media plan for them. My group got to work on ideas to help them increase their brand awareness. Upon a quick Google search of our client, I noticed they were buried at the bottom of the search page and explained that this was something that needed to be fixed through SEO. Our client didn’t have a strong social media presence to begin with, so I knew creating this foundation would be a good first step toward helping with SEO and their online presence. Additionally, their website had been down for months. After identifying the best set of keywords to use to promote traffic we added them into our plan in hopes of increasing site traffic and awareness once the site was back up and active again. We utilized several other SEO tactics to strengthen SEO and integrate online efforts, including linking building, and connecting the social media platforms with the main website.

Of course, after the project was complete, we receive a lecture on SEO in class. It was exciting to implement what I had learned from Glint in my schooling.

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