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Has Your Brand Found It’s Briefcase? Integrated Marketing

Glint Adv - January 20, 2014 - 0 comments

Not so long ago many were predicting the demise of traditional advertising, particularly for mass communication vehicles like the TV spot. Experts far and wide predicted social media and digital would overtake and render traditional vehicles irrelevant. Well, here we are in 2014, and while traditional vehicles have certainly evolved, they remain an important staple of a brand’s marketing arsenal.

Now digital and social media have certainly become critical tools in their own right, but one of the biggest revelations about social media is that it remains a conversation between a brand and its customers. This medium has augmented (and in many instances, essentially replaced) the one-on-one interactions an employee used to have across the counter with a customer; now you can still have that conversation, just 100,000s of times a day – if you have something of interest to say.

And, that’s where traditional and social media can interact to create a powerful, engaging marketing program to promote your brand and product offering. Take for instance the latest campaign by Nissan for the Rogue. Nissan is using this 30-second TV spot to create engaging content with a call to action to visit a digital environment –

Upon visiting the link, customers land on a Facebook page where they can complete the story started in the TV ad, and get a chance to win a new Rogue. And, if they share the video and webpage, they can earn additional chances to win. In addition, customers are only a quick click away from the Rogue’s Facebook page where current and potential customers can immerse in the complete Rogue story, and interact with other Rogue enthusiasts.

While you may not sell cars, you and your brand do have a story to tell. You can engage customers more consistently, and to greater impact, with integrated marketing strategies and programs that account for traditional as well as digital and social media tactics.

Would you like to get more out of your traditional advertising, or find ways to activate or reenergize your social platforms? At Glint, we specialize in integrated marketing campaigns that utilize the full spectrum of traditional and digital tactics to engage your customer base, and maximize your brand investment. Give us a call at (827) 626-0320 or shoot us an e-mail at to see how we can partner together to bring new life to your marketing programs.

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