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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Glint Adv - November 19, 2013 - 0 comments

We have heard this expression our entire life, but never was it so true. The notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with a single picture is visualized through social media everyday.

So how are marketers taking advantage of the fact that pictures and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in our brains than text? By creating infographics, photos, and videos!

Incorporating pictures and other visual content into your social media strategy can have a tremendous impact on user engagement. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what the stats say:

  • Photos shared on social media are liked 2 times more than text updates
  • Videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined
  • 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute

The trend towards visual content is also helping define new social media platforms. The popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, for example, are clearly geared for those of us with short attention spans, depending on a simple photo to catch our eye and draw our interest. And smartphones are the accessory, allowing us to snap a shot and quickly share with our friends, fans, and others searching for our content.

With all these options, how do you know which platforms and what content might be right for your business? Give us a call. We would love to talk to you about the forms of visual media that could help propel your business. After all, someone has to create the next viral video. Who’s says it won’t be you?

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