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Glint Adv January 22, 2015

Go Big Or Go Home: How Social Media is Changing The Superbowl

It’s that time of the year again. Football fans all over the country are getting ready for the big game, breaking out the football jerseys and clearing their schedules for Superbowl Sunday. But they’re not the only ones. Brands, big and small, are gearing up for the game, preparing their killer line up of social media content. In recent years, social media has completely altered the way we view big pop culture and sporting events. Deemed “culture-jacking,” it has now become a common practice for brands to capitalize on popular events such as these to increase their brand awareness on social media. And it’s changing the way we advertise. (more…)

Glint Adv June 26, 2014

#IBelieveThatWeWillWin: What The World Cup Can Teach Us About Social Media

I love soccer. And as many of my coworkers have learned these past few weeks, (much to their dismay) I rarely pass up an opportunity to talk about it. With the World Cup in full swing (Go USA!), what better time write a blog about two of my favorite things? Soccer and social media. (more…)

Glint Adv April 29, 2014
8 Simple Ways To Build Consumer Trust Through Your Online Presence

8 Simple Ways To Build Consumer Trust Through Your Online Presence

Building consumer trust in today’s digital world is no easy feat, especially when customers are able to uncover all the good and bad about your business in a matter of minutes using the internet. Despite this, there are many ways brands can utilize social media and their website to enhance consumer trust. (more…)

Glint Adv February 10, 2014
Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Google+ Any Longer

Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Google+ Any Longer

Marketers and consumers alike have been avoiding Google+ like it’s the plague. Initially, it was hard to set up, the number of active users on the platform was low, and content engagement wasn't that great. But Google+’s growth has been flying under the radar, slowly expanding and gaining traction in the world of social media. And if you’re one of those people that have been avoiding the platform, you can’t afford to do so for much longer. (more…)