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Glint Adv June 23, 2011

How is Your Presidential Candidate Campaigning?

It all started back in 1992, when the first campaign e-mail was sent out. Candidates are finding the internet is the most cost efficient advertising medium to spread the word to the greatest amount of people. They have now embraced Google AdWord campaigns, facebook ads, blogs, and more. But the 2012 elections will take the publicity on the internet to the next level…

Glint Adv March 5, 2011
Join Us for Some Fun!

Join Us for Some Fun!

We all work hard and rarely, hardly work, right? Glint is taking this to heart and has gone back to the core of our culture, work hard and play hard. Our recent bowling adventure brought our team together for an afternoon of camaraderie and fun.

Glint Adv February 20, 2011
A Good Time was Had by All!

A Good Time was Had by All!

You’ll often find us looking for any excuse to “costume” up and Open Channels Group, a PR firm in Fort Worth, Texas, indulged us with the opportunity to do just that. Their annual client event was nothing short of fantastic, and as you can see, Glint’s President, Craig Lloyd, willingly participated in adorning a new look.