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Join Us for Some Fun!

Glint Adv - March 5, 2011 - 0 comments

We all work hard and rarely, hardly work, right? Glint is taking this to heart and has gone back to the core of our culture, work hard and play hard. Our recent bowling adventure brought our team together for an afternoon of camaraderie and fun.

The winning comment from the afternoon, “I didn’t come in last!” said agency President, Craig Lloyd. A strong, focused finish moved him out of last position with a one pin advantage over Vice President, Patty Marshall. We don’t need to go into details on the total pin counts of all the participants, however, it is fair to say there was controversy over the final score.

Feeling like all you do is work hard? Take a break and join us for a late afternoon get together and discover how taking a break for fun can make you more focused and refreshed.

Send us note on one of our interactive outlets at, or and tell us what you like to do and when you’d like to do it with us.

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