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ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, May Benefit Community Storehouse

The nationally watched reality show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, will be helping a family in Keller. This event will be located on the same road as one of Glint Advertising’s non-profit clients, “Community Storehouse.” Wall Homes, the builder that will be constructing the home, has partnered with Community Storehouse to help bring awareness to their organization and help them raise funds to find land and build a facility during this event.

Community Storehouse is a faith-based non-profit relief agency established in 1982 to serve the children in our community. Focused on providing basic needs, they help guarantee success in school and make graduation possible for children in the Keller and Northwest Independent School districts. During times of crisis they intervene to accommodate the needs of children. These needs include but, are not limited to: medical/dental care, eye care, prescriptions, school supplies, food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and counseling.

“Wall Homes’ commitment to being involved in the community is reconfirmed daily because of organizations like Community Storehouse. We are blessed to have the desire and ability to support the children and those who need help in our neighborhoods through the leadership of Community Storehouse.” Says, Erin Kolp, PR director, Wall Homes.

Please join us in our support by helping them find a building or land for future development or by making a tax-deductible donation at communitystorehouse.org.

Go online at communitystorehouse/extreme to learn more about this partnership. You can also contact Barbara Board, Executive Director for Community Storehouse at (817) 431-3340 or email her at ccsedo@yahoo.com.

More about the Event: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to build house for family in Keller

KELLER — ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has notified the Augustin family of Keller, Texas, that they have been selected as the recipients of a new home to be built for them at no cost by hundreds of volunteers in just seven days. The new Augustin home replaces an irreparably flood-damaged dwelling the family was forced to leave last year.

ABC’s Emmy-award winning hit reality show selected the Augustins as part of its current “Heroes in the Community” season. Amber Augustin founded the non-profit “Tiny Works of Heart” and Peter Augustin, a proud advocate for Amber’s foundation, also dedicates his time to Habitat for Humanity.

It was the premature birth of Amber and Peter Augustin’s son, Lane (now four), that inspired the Augustin family to support the March of Dimes, dedicated to the survival of premature babies, and to found “Tiny Works of Heart,” an organization that takes pictures of families and their fragile preemies at local hospitals free-of-charge. Amber, a photographer, provides recipients with treasured memories of their premature babies, many of whom have very brief lives.

To honor their tireless work with “Tiny Works of Heart” and Habitat for Humanity, Amber and Peter were selected to receive the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house. On Father’s Day of 2007, the Augustin’s home and the garage that served as Amber’s foundation photography studio were flooded. Soon afterward, the family tried to save the house by removing the lower portion of the rotting walls and flooring. Without success, Amber, Peter, and their three children (Cameron, 16; Emily, 11; and Lane, four) were forced to vacate. Tarrant County and the City of Fort Worth informed the family that their home of 12 years must be raised more than one foot in order for them to live there again. Unfortunately, costs were prohibitive.

However, through the personal commitment of Wall Homes and their subcontractor base, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and hundreds of volunteers, the Augustin family will soon have a new house on the same lot where their current home still stands. The teams will demolish the building and erect a new one beginning today.

The tentative Build Schedule (all times subject to change):

  • Monday, December 8: Knock Day. Media may arrive at 3:45 p.m. for a press conference with the family at 4 p.m. is planned for approximately
  • at the home site location, 2880 Keller Hicks Road, Keller, TX 76248. Please note: the street will be closed, and security will instruct media members where to park.
  • Wednesday, December 10: Braveheart Walk to kickoff of the build. Media check-in is at 8 a.m.; Braveheart Walk at approximately 9 a.m. Braveheart Speech by Steve Wall will follow the walk, then demolition will begin immediately thereafter.
  • Thursday, December 11: Framing throughout the day, followed by non-stop building for the next several days and nights.
  • Monday, December 15: House Reveal, also known as the time for “Move that Bus!”
  • Tuesday, December 16: Press Conference at new home. Time for Press Conference will be announced later.

Cumulus Media, Inc. is Wall’s primary local broadcast group for the week of the build. Radio listeners can tune into The Ticket-1310AM, The Wolf-99.5FM, The Bone-93.3FM, and KLIF-570AM to get daily updates and hear interviews.

Super Bowl Ads for 2009

Super Bowl regulars like FedEx Corp., Garmin Ltd., Salesgenie.com and General Motors Corp. are sitting out this year’s football championship, to be held Feb. 1 in Tampa, Fla. But NBC says it is negotiating with other potential advertisers for the eight 30-second advertising spots that remain open.

NBC had a total of around 67 spots for Super Bowl XLIII and has sold about 59, or 88 percent. In September, NBC said 85 percent of the 30-second spots had sold for about $3 million each.

The National Football League championship is considered the premier advertising event of the year, and it often heralds new trends in advertising sales and styles.

Many traditional Super Bowl sponsors are staying on, including prepackaged goods and beverage companies and nearly every major movie studio.

At least one sponsor is returning after an extended absence: Monster Worldwide Inc., whose last Super Bowl appearance was in 2004.

Anheuser-Busch Cos. Ltd. is one company that’s going to keep advertising. It bought 10 30-second spots, some of which will be combined to run as 60-second spots.

One ad features a Clydesdale who immigrates from Scotland. The horse tries its hand — or hoof — at different jobs ranging from racehorse to buggy puller with limited success, until it finds its true calling.

The spot’s elaborate set included a turn-of-the-century New York streetscape with dozens of extras, overseen by top-shelf ad director Joe Pytka. The crew also shot on location in Scotland, demonstrating the extent to which Anheuser-Busch will go for its Super Bowl ads.

Budweiser ads in Super Bowls date back to 1975 when a hotrodding skier revealed she was a Bud girl. The self-proclaimed King of Beers has reigned over the alcoholic beverage segment at the Super Bowl since securing exclusive rights in the category in a 1989 deal set to last through 2012.

Provided by Associated Press, edited by Glint Advertising & Design.

Newspaper Ad Revenue Falls Nearly $2 Billion

Newspaper ad revenue fell almost $2 billion in the third quarter for a record 18.1% decline, according to new statistics from the Newspaper Association of America.

The historic drop resulted from a worsening economy that sharply exacerbated long-term challenges already confronting the newspaper industry, and it affected all kinds of newspaper ads. National ad sales fell 18.4%, classifieds sank 30.9%, and the biggest category, retail, slid 11.7%. Newspapers’ online ad sales, where everyone is hoping some part of the future business model resides, accelerated their decline with a 3% drop. Online ad sales slipped 2.4% in the second quarter.

This fall’s financial collapse affected only some part of the latest results. However, the rest of the year is likely to look even worse.

“This is good news for our clients and our ability to leverage marketing budgets. We have a great opportunity to help our clients gain more market share without increasing budgets. Our focus has always been on small- and mid-size companies that are looking to grow their business. In an economy where the big boy’s and #1 ranked companies stop spending, they open the doors for their competitors, like our clients, to take control of their relative markets.” Says Craig Lloyd, principal Glint Advertising & Design.

Published: December 01, 2008 NEW YORK (AdAge.com) edited by Glint Advertising & Design

Pepsi Opens a Vein of Controversy

There’s but one calorie in PepsiMax and, as we know, one is the loneliest number. So it only makes sense that a new flight of print ads show a cute but sad little personification of a calorie committing suicide in a few ultraviolent ways, including a gunshot, a hanging, self-immolation and even his slitting his little blue wrist with a razor blade.

Needless to say, message boards today have been popping with much anti-Pepsi sentiment, most of it centered on the claim that these kinds of ads are insensitive to the issue of suicide. You’ll recall a few years ago General Motors got bogged down in a similar issue, when a Super Bowl ad depicting a robot considering suicide caused an uproar.

It’ll be interesting to see how Pepsi, not exactly known for living on the edge, responds. (An e-mail for comment wasn’t immediately returned.)

Article content pulled and edited from Ad Age