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OSU Summer Intern Makes Glint Advertising His Home

Glint Advertising - June 14, 2023 - 0 comments

Glint Advertising welcomes summer intern Ethan Hilbert. We are proud that he chose Glint to be his first summer internship. An incoming sophomore at Oklahoma State University majoring in strategic communications, he returns home after earning a spot on the President’s Honor Roll his first year.

Ethan, a Byron Nelson High School graduate, is keenly interested in photography and the great outdoors. He describes himself as a strong writer, a quick learner, incredibly conscious of time and tech-savvy. What’s in store for Ethan at Glint this summer? 

“We can’t wait to immerse Ethan into content creation, marketing automation, concept development and more,” says Erayne Gee Hill, agency vice president.

He can also expect to dive deep into data, storytelling, attending client meetings, open access to Glint’s leadership team, practicing project management, and featuring in a podcast/vidcast.

Get to know Ethan.

Q: If you could magically become fluent in any language, what would it be?

A: I would probably choose to be fluent in Japanese because it is a pretty language, and it would be fun to speak with locals. 

Q: Describe your perfect Sunday.

A: My perfect Sunday would start with sleeping in and attending church with my family. After church, brunch is a must! The afternoon would be spent shopping and hanging out around the house. The evening would consist of a home-cooked dinner, board games (and maybe a movie).

Q: What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

A: I really like a lot of different kinds of cereal, but Frosted Mini Wheats is one of my all-time favorites. 

Q: What is your most-used emoji?

A: My most used emoji is the laughing emoji because my friends always send me memes and funny videos. 

Q: How would your friends describe you?

A: My friends would describe me as funny, kind, and a good listener. 

Q: What’s your favorite color, and how does that color make you feel?

A: My favorite color is green because it is the color of nature. Green makes me feel energetic and at peace.

Q: Do you collect anything?

A: This is kind of nerdy, but I like collecting Pokémon cards and playing card games with my friends. 

Think back to your first internship. What best wishes would you like to pass on to Ethan? Let us know here.

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