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Cowboys Drama Keeps Brand at Forefront

Glint Adv - April 1, 2009 - 0 comments

I was recently contacted by the Dallas Business Journal to comment on the Dallas Cowboys’ brand. The Cowboys have always been my favorite professional football team, so I was more than happy to offer opinions in my field of expertise concerning this. The Cowboys are the most valuable National Football League franchise, with a value of $1.6 billion. You cannot get to that point without strong branding.

Are the Cowboys still America’s team? That’s a term that has always been synonymous with the Cowboys. However, as of late, the “America’s Team” brand may be in jeopardy. Where is that identifier going, many believe to the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you’re going to change it up, why not do it with their biggest rival? The off-field and on-field controversy with the Cowboys, coupled with the success of the Steelers over the past few seasons have certainly contributed to the shift.

For me, I don’t believe the Cowboys brand is anywhere near danger. I also think it would take quite a bit more than “drama” to make any significant negative impact with the brand. That being said, the designation of “America’s Team” may be shifting and that is a hard pill to swallow when you’re a die hard Cowboys fan. Thank you Katherine Cromer Brock for allowing me to contribute to your article.

You can read the article here – Cowboy’s article

What a treat to talk about two of the things I love the most, my Cowboys and advertising. To learn more about my company, Glint Advertising & Design, and its experience in advertising, go to or feel free to give me a call at 817-616-0320.

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