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Glint Adv - October 29, 2008 - 0 comments

Our new website has launched. After a soft launch in early October, our new site is ready. The soft launch was sent to 150 clients, friends, vendors and other business partners. Based on the comments of the group, minor adjustments were made to make the site a little more intuitive.

We are excited about the new look and the technology that was put behind it. View it yourself at and give us your feedback.The site finishes up a rebranding for Glint that started earlier this year. The change was motivated by the need to quickly show potential clients our experience, quality of work and conceptual ability. It’s also fun to play and discover all the little nuances of the site. The site will be updated monthly with new content, additional features and current work.

Let us know your thoughts on what is provided on and if it is helpful. Are there things that you would like to see on the site that aren’t currently there? In addition to being fun and visually appealing, our intention was to also make the site functional and helpful.

We’re always open to constructive criticism. We’d also welcome the opportunity to review your sites and give our feedback. Thanks to everyone for helping us become a better agency.

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