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Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Google+ Any Longer

Marketers and consumers alike have been avoiding Google+ like it’s the plague. Initially, it was hard to set up, the number of active users on the platform was low, and content engagement wasn’t that great. But Google+’s growth has been flying under the radar, slowly expanding and gaining traction in the world of social media. And if you’re one of those people that have been avoiding the platform, you can’t afford to do so for much longer. Continue reading Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Google+ Any Longer

Social Media: Why Your Business Needs It

At Glint Advertising, we believe that social media is vital for our clients’ success. It is a growing form of communication that more and more people are choosing as their primary source of entertainment and news.

There are many benefits to using social media. Quality posts can create buzz for your business, generate sales, and gain feedback from your customers. No matter what your approach to posting is, social media is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and expand your reach.

If you haven’t developed a thorough social media strategy yet, we have a question for you: Why? You may be skeptical about the benefits social media can have for your business, but there’s plenty of success to be found in the world of social media. You just have to know where to look. Social media is all about finding the right combination of platforms for your business, which will enable you to interact with your customers, and reach out to new, potential consumers.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t know how to do that,” don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for. We’re experts at building and implementing social media strategies that get results. We’re Facebook fiends. We Instagram before every meal. We spend our weekends searching for the best recipes on Pinterest. We were learning to Tweet and tie our shoes at the same time (okay, that last one might be a bit of an exaggeration). But social media has become ingrained in our lives and is part of the reason why we love doing what we do.

When you sign up for social media with Glint, you’re not just signing up for someone to post a couple times a week on your behalf. There’s much more that comes with maintaining a successful social media campaign, such as monitoring analytics, establishing advertisements, keeping up with platform updates, and consistently making adjustments in order to maximize success.

Yes, we can post for you. But we will also take the time to fully understand your brand and help define your company’s voice on social media. You’re real people with real personalities, and that is what will make your content stand out!

We do more than just text posts, also. We design graphics and videos that can be attached to posts to help you stand out among all the noise. Visuals have been proven to engage readers more (Photos are shared 2 times more than post texts on Facebook; click here to view other stats.) We’ll design graphics, such as statistic images and infographics, in-house, specific to your business.

We will also provide reports to show how your campaigns are performing and being managed. The reports include a data breakdown specific to each platform. This helps us determine how to adjust the strategy to optimize overall performance.

We use many tools to determine where adjustments should be made on platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. We review the data to figure out the most popular times of engagement and what kind of content they’re engaging with.

We use an array of platforms and software to pull data. We’re constantly comparing your data to previous months’ performances, so that we can make appropriate changes quickly. Our skilled team is always on their toes, ready to make adjustments for newly released updates, changes in the platforms, or anything else that’s thrown our way.

The bottom line is that social media should be important to your business. There’s no better way to help your business grow than through the ever-changing world of digital communication. Let the experts at Glint help you stand out in the world of social media. Our Digital Media department manages social postings and social advertising for many of our clients. It is one of our specialties. We’ll create a compelling, integrated campaign and get you the results your business needs.

Let Glint help you, because it’s what we love doing. Give us a call at (817)616-0320 or shoot us an e-mail at digital@glintadv.com to discuss how Glint can help grow your social media presence.

Getting The Most Out of Your Website

SEOAs you bask in the glory of a newly launched website created by Glint Advertising, you might ask yourself, now what? Having your website fully optimized in the backend code is only the start of creating perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

Let’s start off with a little background on SEO. Your SEO ranking determines your list placement when people search for websites. You have two types of placements: Organic and Paid. We will focus on how you can improve your SEO through organic placement (which means you don’t have to spend any money!)

Website Graffiti: Know someone who owns a website? Have them post a link on their website to your website in exchange for putting them on your “partners” page. The more relevant their site is to your industry, the better. The more incoming links to your website, the higher web crawlers will calculate your site being relevant.

Keep the website updated:
Having an active website cues web crawlers to search your website more often. You can accomplish this by a simple blog. Post articles relevant to your industry or recaps of recent events that your company has attended. (P.S. This article along with the rest of our blog is not only for your enjoyment, but also our SEO). Don’t forget to use your tags, this will help categorize your article for search engines.

Google Analytics: Register your site with Google Analytics. This will give you an in depth analysis of the activity of your website (Number of visitors, pages viewed, and even where they came from.) For example, you may see a lot of people are visiting your “About Us.” Buff this page up by adding links to other pages in your website. People view websites differently, where one person sees a link another may not. It is always good to give your users a variety of ways to access the different pages within your site.

These are only a few things you can do to help with your SEO. If you would like more suggestions, give us a call, (817) 616-0320. We will gladly analyze your website and inform you on how we can help improve your Search Engine Optimization.

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Battle of the Browsers.

iconsGRAYDo you ever browse websites and wonder – Why does this website look so different in different browsers? Or why does your technologically advanced child keep insisting that you upgrade to one of the new fancy-shmancy web browsers such as, Google Chrome or Firefox? As Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer battle it out to to be the top contender on the desktops of internet users today, we explore the issue and what Glint Advertising recommends using as your home base for internet browsing.

Top Recommendation:
Firefox. All three browser’s were recently put to the test with Firefox 4 coming out on top for speediness, memory usage and security. The advantage Firefox has with both chrome and Internet explorer, is that it has embraced the coming of HTML 5.

2nd recommendation:
Google Chrome, Chrome is the new shiny object of today’s browser, of course gaining popularity so quickly because it was developed by the all-powerful google search engine. A lot of research was done to develop this web browser. The outcome became a browser that was very intuitive to use. Chrome could be also referred to as the “Apple” of Internet Browsers.

3rd recommendation:
Internet Explorer 9, While IE is still the most popularly used web browser today (mainly because it has the advantage of being pre-installed on every PC), it is the last on our recommendations for web browsers. IE is notorious for security issues and crashing. You would think that after 9 versions of IE, that these problems would fade.

And there you have it, what Glint thinks about the competition of the most popular web browsers today. If we have struck your interest and you would like to try one of these browsers, they are are all downloadable for free. GOOGLE IT:)