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Boost Sales In A Sluggish Economy

In most instances, the economy is viewed in extremes. It is either doing extremely well or depressively poor. In actuality the economy does ebb and flow and does have its extremes, but not always to the extent portrayed through the various media outlets the public views.

That being said, a slow or “sluggish” economy is the best opportunity any small or mid-size company will have to boost sales and gain market share. In the advertising world, two significant events happen when the economy down turns. The first is the large corporations stop or significantly reduce their advertising efforts and as a result media companies suffer because many of these companies are their largest advertisers. This forces the media companies to reduce rates and willingly open themselves up for negotiation on rates.

Large corporations can afford this type of advertising reduction because they have such a strong brand. The brand alone can help them weather the down turn without significant effects. The small and mid-size companies cannot. Either there is not enough recognition of the company within the public eye, or even worse no one knows who they are at all. You can have the best products or service in the world, but if know one knows they exist it doesn’t matter. In an economy of slow spending the unknown quickly disappear from the marketplace.

Smaller businesses are always reluctant to spend on advertising due to the multitude of expenses associated with it. In many cases, 80-90% of all marketing budgets are spent on media, printing and other deliverable costs. 10-20% of budgets are spent with advertising professionals who understand the importance of creating the right message, visuals and concepts to get the public to respond. You can create and concept the best marketing approaches all day long, but you must also produce and deliver them. When 80-90% of your budget sees a reduction in cost, the opportunities to start branding and gaining market share are significant. Your budget can do even more in a sluggish economy, it is also the most effective and affordable way to gain market share.

For those who are looking to whether the storm, good luck. For those ready to see significant growth in what is perceived to be impossible, be bold and gain, gain, gain. Not only does this approach work, Glint Advertising and Design was founded on it. Visit www.glintadv.com to learn more about our agency or drop us a line and discover how we partner with companies looking to gain market share and become the leaders in their industry.

Glint Advertising Ranked in Top 12

Glint Advertising & Design has been ranked as one of the top 12 largest advertising agencies in Fort Worth. Fort Worth Business Press, serving Tarrant County and surrounding areas, is a weekly business publication that lists the top companies in their respective industries along with current business affairs in the area.

This is quite a ranking considering Glint Advertising is in its 9th year. It’s a great reflection of how far we have come and the partnerships we have made. Every past year has shown positive growth and we don’t see that changing as we move forward. Without our partnerships, community support and the desire to do creative and measurable work, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

It’s a significant achievement to know we have shown the ability to rank and compete with some of the top agencies in the area. Learn more about the ranking at fwbusinesspress.com or visit our site at www.glintadv.com.

glintdv.com is New

Our new website has launched. After a soft launch in early October, our new site is ready. The soft launch was sent to 150 clients, friends, vendors and other business partners. Based on the comments of the group, minor adjustments were made to make the site a little more intuitive.

We are excited about the new look and the technology that was put behind it. View it yourself at www.glintadv.com and give us your feedback.The site finishes up a rebranding for Glint that started earlier this year. The change was motivated by the need to quickly show potential clients our experience, quality of work and conceptual ability. It’s also fun to play and discover all the little nuances of the site. The site will be updated monthly with new content, additional features and current work.

Let us know your thoughts on what is provided on www.glintadv.com and if it is helpful. Are there things that you would like to see on the site that aren’t currently there? In addition to being fun and visually appealing, our intention was to also make the site functional and helpful.

We’re always open to constructive criticism. We’d also welcome the opportunity to review your sites and give our feedback. Thanks to everyone for helping us become a better agency.

Rayco Commercial Building Contractors

Glint Advertising has partnered with Rayco Commercial Building Contractors to develop marketing materials to assist in new business pursuits. For over 26 years Rayco has been charting a successful course of construction projects and looks to build on their experience to expand market share. Leveraging their current experience on the new Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington, will be another significant landmark to add to their portfolio of projects.

New materials should be ready late this year. Learn more about Rayco by visiting their company at raycoinc.com. At Glint, we are excited about the new partnership with Rayco and look forward to helping them not only attain their goals, but exceed them.

Discover more about Glint and their partners at www.glintadv.com.

Three Ways To Market

There are only three ways to market your products, services and brand. Emotionally, Factually or a combination of both. Consumers are bombarded by over 6,000 messages per day. Make what you say, how you look and what you offer be memorable. If your not remembered as on of the top 10 to 20 messages of the day, you may have thrown your money away. Consistency is also key, run your message at least 6 times through your communication stream to achieve top state of mind.

If your branding or marketing needs a review, let us know. We always welcome your input and are willing to offer ours. To discover how we have helped some of our clients become memorable visit us at www.glintadv.com.