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Don’t like leftovers? Try feeling like one.

From time to time, a variety of seemingly insurmountable obstacles can spring up between children and their success in school. Many of those obstacles center around a severe or terminal illness that strikes them or a parent, a parent’s job loss, family poverty, or even sudden death in the family. Community Storehouse assists children and their families who face these challenges with various services from educational support, reading programs, school supplies, well-being checks, food pantries, clothing, and health care.

Keeping children active and thriving in the Keller, Northwest, and Carroll Independent School Districts is what Community Storehouse is all about. They are also the only Nonprofit, 501(c)3 children’s charity in northeast Tarrant County focused on this mission.


the challenge

Community Storehouse has been in the Keller, Texas community for quite some time. However, most of the population was not familiar with their services for children and families in the area. Glint helped prepare a grant with the Amon Carter Foundation to secure funding to increase brand awareness. With the funding secure, we went to work strategizing the best way to connect and converse with the community. Through discussions with Community Storehouse clients, it became clear that a sense of failure resonated with both the brand and those they support. Community Storehouse wanted to do more to help, and their clients didn’t want anyone to know the challenges they were facing.

Glint decided to utilize stock imagery instead of real people from the community to make an empathetic connection and drive home that more people than you think need help. Creating short and engaging headlines connected to the visuals helped viewers want to learn more. By taking this approach, we were able to tell a bigger story, thus bringing a better understanding of Community Storehouse’s mission. Consistency with the visual approach pushed awareness so much that additional volunteers were needed across multiple services of the nonprofit. We are very proud of the help we provided with the branding and advertising efforts.

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