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    Plano Event Center

Capacity and technology meet here.

The beautifully landscaped Plano Event Center is an 86,400-square-foot facility providing flexible meeting, conference, and gathering space to accommodate as many as 5,000 people. The exhibition hall offers 21,600 square feet of column-free, completely carpeted space, a professional master stage, plus dock and street-level delivery access. There are also 14 multi-use break-out rooms available. The PEC team also helps clients plan their events with modern technologies, logistics, equipment, setup, catering, and beverage services.


the challenge

Location, awareness, and lack of on-site lodging were the primary obstacles for Plano Event Center. Following recent renovations and updates within their facility, the PEC wanted to push their vision of a modern, premier event facility with a rebrand.


the solutions

Glint implemented our proprietary brandskeyp process to ensure the facility’s new vision aligned with who they are and what their customers wanted them to be. Employees, vendors, clients, and critical stakeholders provided information and opinion so Glint could determine if the brand was meeting audience expectations. We were able to decide if data was misaligned with our audiences and advise on ways to create excitement, cohesion, and consistency from the evaluation. Based on the results of the findings, we were then able to create a brand image and persona that aligned with their audience’s expectations.

Utilizing elements of the architecture and focusing on service, we identified a key connector in the form of a diamond. The element provided a sophisticated identifier that aligned with renovations and made an immediate connection when visitors came to the event center. Their diamond service, state-of-the-art technology, and upscale cuisine further connected the brand elements and solidified its overall impact.


the results

The branding helped to solidify them as a modern and high-end event center. With renewed confidence, their sales team could promote the event center more confidently and define the essential differentiators against competitors. Bookings increased, and Plano Event Center overcame many of the past concerns noted by event coordinators. Plano Event Center is now considered one of the premier convention centers in the area.

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