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It’s the moments in life that define us.

The rebranding goal was to connect with multiple generations and relate to the financially defining moments in life that everyone faces. As an Ameriprise private wealth advisory practice, MomentUs provides the qualifications and experience to help navigate complex financial needs. Whether it’s investment management, tax strategies, or legacy planning, they can work with you to grow and preserve what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


the challenge

Navigating a pathway to help establish MomentUs Wealth Management as an independent firm under the Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisory Practice umbrella required many tactics. Tactics for delivering the personality and uniqueness that MomentUs provides while maintaining brand integrity with its foundational system, Ameriprise Financial. Ameriprise is very reluctant to allow any alterations to their brand and rightfully so. Part of our job was to work with the compliance team and help convince them that the adjustments we were requesting had tremendous benefits for MomentUs and Ameriprise.


the solutions

With a brandskeyp evaluation and meeting with the entire team, Glint understood the vision and values MomentUs wanted to achieve. MomentUs wanted to capitalize on life’s special moments while providing financial security with families for generations to come. With research and multiple strategy sessions, we named the company and established their brand personality and values.

In addition to renaming the company and establishing the brand look and feel, the evaluation provided insight into processes and personnel changes that needed to happen. After all, you can’t have consistency without having every team member and partner on the same page. Changing the way they did business, especially when they’ve been successful, proved to be the biggest hurdle. It also proved to be the most beneficial service we provided.

After narrowing the company name and tagline solution, Glint proceeded with writing content and establishing the branded materials’ look and feel. With minor adjustments from the compliance review, the process for approval was complete.


client feedback

“I greatly enjoyed working with Craig, Ryan, and their team as we went through our rebranding process. It was so much more than just picking a name. It helped me as a business owner to identify areas of opportunity and made me really focus on my company’s future. Great work, Glint.”

— Guy Church, CFP, registered Private Wealth Advisor

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