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    Prestige Community Credit Union

It’s All About You!

The campaign’s overarching theme was to focus on the appreciation of members. Prestige Community Credit Union has a long history of dedication to its members. The brand represents a continued commitment to helping people attain the successful financial standing they strive to achieve. Through checking, savings, loans, and financial education, the credit union has succeeded because of the strength of its collective group. Being a part of the credit union means you’re a member and have a voice in what it does.


the challenge

Create a sense of responsibility to members while promoting product and service offerings. Glint needed to keep the messaging direct, draw in the audience, and use the offer to extend the message. By making the offer secondary, they aspired to show members that they are essential, and without their dedication to the credit union, the business would not exist. In addition, connecting with their diverse audience, so no one felt disengaged was important. When Glint evaluated the thought of diversity, it meant we needed to connect with senior citizens, middle-aged adults, and an up-and-coming younger audience segment. In addition, we wanted to ensure we incorporated a balanced mix of ethnicity and gender into the campaign.


the solutions

Glint created a yearly theme due to the success of past campaigns that Glint executed with this approach. The visuals showed individuals who loved themselves, with reinforcement copy that reflected how Prestige felt about them. Utilizing solid and bold colors for the background made the marketing pieces stand out within their media. Thoughtful layouts made the work feel open and uncluttered, even though each piece possessed a lot of information. Each promotion stood out on its own by changing the background colors, copy, and people while maintaining a visually cohesive look across the campaign.

The campaign rollout utilized traditional and digital tactics to provide us with the best opportunity for connecting with all audiences. The direct mail, posters, statement inserts, and in-branch materials helped to reinforce familiarity when we promoted the digital assets. Thus, the PPC campaigns, social posting and advertising, and emails were great reinforcement tools when traditional materials were seen and received. With the entire campaign through our proprietary glintegration marketing automation platform, we could track every campaign component and report back on its success.


the results

A continued increase in social engagement, form fills for products, and positive member feedback validated the campaign as a success. The added advantage of highlighting the difference between a bank and credit union also helped define Prestige’s benefits better.


client feedback

“Our credit union has been using Glint extensively for many years. They’ve managed creative promotional campaigns utilizing social media, web, landing pages, marketing automation, email, movie screen media, and Pay-Per-Click strategies. The level of service that Craig, Todd and Ryan provide is the reason I keep partnering with them.“

— Ron Knight, VP of Marketing

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