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Job Hunting, in This Economy?!

Glint Advertising - January 25, 2023 - 0 comments

Are you on the job hunt but weary about the labor market?

That’s understandable. Job hunting can be a little scary. A rocky economy and the looming threat of a recession have many major corporations announcing hiring freezes and leaving many workers nervous. But fear not; there is hope.

Here are five tips to help you stand out in this competitive labor market:

1. Tailor your resume.

Just like getting the right measurements for the ideal fit, your resume should also be tailored to ensure the right fit for the employer spending his/her time reviewing it. Finding positions to apply for isn’t the challenging part; it’s getting your resume past the applicant tracking system (ATS), that may be. The tracking software is used by hiring managers and recruiters to help them organize the multitude of submitted job applications received. However, an ATS does more than just track – it acts as a filter. It scans every resume submitted and forwards only those with the right keywords. So, perform your due diligence and load up on your relevance.

The days of “angry applying” for multiple positions with the same resume end today! In 2023, resume optimization (and customization) will be crucial.

2. Boost your virtual network.

You may see fewer open positions this year, and there might even be more competition, but you can still find incredible opportunities. How? Expand your network and opportunities by utilizing virtual networking tools like LinkedIn. Instead of applying to hundreds of different companies, focus on specific employers and build your virtual network to your advantage. Get granular to see results.

3. Customize your cover letter.

If you’re only using a cover letter to restate the contents of your resume, you’re doing it all wrong. Like tailoring your resume, your cover letter is another way to showcase your professional brand. Cover letters provide the perfect opportunity to sell yourself. Pinpoint the skills and experience from your resume that signify to the hiring manager why you’re the best fit for the job. Make your submission relevant, and solve a problem for the hiring manager. Forget fluff.

4. Do pre-interview prep.

You’ve submitted your application; now what? Research, research, research. Take time to get familiar with the company’s values, the benefits they offer, its culture, and who you should be connecting with to ensure you secure an interview.

5. Send a “Thank You” note.

An old-fashioned notion, we know. But if we’re talking about standing out, writing a thank-you letter or thank-you email after an interview is a must. And frankly, low-hanging fruit when trying to build relationships. Important: send the thank you note immediately after your interview while you’re fresh on the hiring manager’s mind. Not only will you stand out, but you will be showing them your attention to detail and further establish your professional brand.

Put yourself in a better position to sell yourself to future employers using these tips.

Also, it never hurts to have a branding agency in your company to make sure you hit the mark. Contact Glint Advertising for professional advice and tactics you can use today to conquer the hunt.

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