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Increase Employee Engagement With Better Emails

Glint Advertising - January 20, 2023 - 0 comments

Are you disappointed with your work culture? Is morale low and the situation feels hopeless?

Increase employee engagement with one tip. Improve your emails so that they are actually read. 

It feels simple, but this low-hanging fruit may make the difference between quiet quitting and encouraging participation. According to an article in Forbes magazine, email fatigue leads to around 38 percent of employees quitting their jobs. The pandemic mandated remote work, and organizations are emerging with hybrid work options. It’s not surprising that email communication is a major channel used to convey ideas, touch base and complete tasks.

Written communication just became vital for productivity.

So, how do you make sure your teammates are reading your emails? Here are ways to boost your email readability.

  1. Make your distraction worth it. Keep your emails concise, simple, and, most of all, relevant. Get rid of the fluff and use the inverted pyramid when writing. Surveys report that when workers are interrupted by email, it takes about 25 minutes to refocus and return to the original task.
  2. Don’t make email your only way to communicate. Liven things up a bit, and try a call or instant messaging to reach your coworkers. Better yet, if your organization uses a project management platform, use its mode of communication. Look beyond the predictable, and go.
  3. Write better. Is your writing clear? Use a tool like Grammarly to safeguard against convoluted messaging. Adjusting your Grammarly settings to mimic your employer brand is a good idea. And, if you can’t do anything, ensure your subject line sells.
  4. Pick the right time. Marketers live by knowing the best timing for target audiences. Take a hint, and do the same. Try communicating in the morning only vs. at random times during the day. Creating a routine reinforces good email etiquette and may encourage better productivity because of fewer distractions. According to Forbes, checking emails at 45-minute intervals is a new trend. Try it out and see what you think.
  5. Set expectations. Make reading and responding to emails a part of the communicated job expectations. That way, you are clear about what you expect from the beginning of a working relationship. Also, share the consequences for violating the policy.

Please don’t say that we didn’t tell you.

If your emails are not being read, you can do something about it.

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