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Boss Behavior: Craig’s Tips on Becoming a Boss

Glint Advertising - October 17, 2022 - 0 comments

We hope you watched our latest podcast about the rewards and sacrifices of leading a team. Glint CEO Craig Lloyd shares his journey, the evolution of the agency, and what inspires him to keep moving forward. We ran out of time to talk in-depth and on-air about lessons learned. However, we have plenty of room here to get specific. Read what Glint’s perpetual employee-of-the-month and the hardest worker says.

Take Craig’s lessons learned and transform them into your victories.

Let Your Work Speak for Itself.

When you’ve won the business, stop convincing! You don’t have to justify why the client made a good decision. It shows a lack of confidence. Show them through the work you do for them.

Normalize Saying No.

Be comfortable saying “no.” You know where your time needs to be placed to put you and your business in the best position.

Get Uncomfortable.

The hardest decisions are the best ones to make. Don’t delay making hard decisions, as they can hurt the business, everyone in the business, and yourself far more than the brief moment of uncomfortable discussion.

Build Respect First.

Build respect, not friendships. It’s hard to manage friendships when money is involved. You may develop friendships through the respect you have for colleagues and clients. However, there is always a balanced monetary agreement that both parties expect to be delivered. This expectation should never be forgotten or misaligned because you like someone. Work should culminate in people driving toward common goals that achieve financial success for the business, compensation for employees, and profit to leverage toward equipment and expansion. 

Never Stop Learning.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Never stop learning. You can’t know everything. Questions around purpose, expectations, and understanding go a long way in discovering what you don’t know.

Give 100%.

A great idea with bad execution is a bad idea. A bad idea with great execution is a bad idea. No matter how big or small an effort, give it 100% of your standard. If you don’t do this, frustration and challenge will enter your life.

The word vision is a common word in Craig’s vocabulary. He tells us why.

You are running on luck if you don’t have a vision for yourself or your business. Luck is an unforgiving business approach that sets you up for false success and pulls the rug out from under you and everyone who is counting on you. With a vision, it’s clear what you want and expect from yourself and your business. Vision allows you to plan, keep a team on track, measure achievements, evaluate, and move forward. 

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