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Why Spotify Wrapped is Genius

Glint Advertising - December 16, 2021 - 0 comments

On December 1, Spotify came through with its widely anticipated campaign of the year: Spotify Wrapped. Users of the music streaming mogul get to “unwrap” their end-of-the-year music roundup where they can see their top artist, songs, and podcasts that they listened to all year. But how does it work? And why does it get so much reach? We break it down.

How it works

Along with your personal user data, tailored specifically to your listening habits, Spotify breaks down the most streamed artists, songs, and albums worldwide. Streams are counted between January 1 through November for the overall lists, giving Spotify enough time to launch their campaign on December 1. 

It’s a common trend that the majority of the top steamed songs are released during the first half of the year, giving users plenty of time to keep their favorite songs on repeat (queue Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License”). On the other end of the spectrum, Adele’s “Easy On Me,” which dropped mid-October, just didn’t get a long enough window to accumulate streams. However, Adele can hold her own, and her albums always remain popular far after their release date, so don’t be surprised if we see her on Spotify Wrapped 2022. 

Why it’s successful

For users, it’s fun to look back at the year in music on a personal level and reminisce on when you first heard the new Justin Bieber, or how much fun you were having while listening to Megan Thee Stallion. Music plays a significant role in the lives of almost everyone, so getting the opportunity to have your favorites laid out in sharable form gives everyone a little more insight into themselves. 

For Spotify, its Wrapped campaign serves as an epic marketing tool to engage users, share its popularity, and encourage potential consumers to join the platform. Spotify does a great job making its campaign sharable in every digital fashion, and its arrival always inspires a number of screenshots and memes on social media. 

Spotify Wrapped is always a huge success, bringing new subscribers and increased brand awareness. Here are some key takeaways from the marketing masterminds:

Spotify Wrapped 2021

Make use of data

Spotify makes such relatable ads because they utilize consumer data while keeping anonymity. Personalization is crucial for marketing tactics, so engaging with consumers with something they see every day goes far. 

Utilize trending topics and hashtags

Every year, the Spotify Wrapped Campaigns always make use of social trends and internet slang. As a result, the visuals of each campaign are always eye-catching for a huge audience and relatable to a wide variety of individuals. 

Make it easy for organic promotion.

Since Spotify uses consumer-generated data and compliments it with bright visuals, the campaign promotes itself! Spotify recognizes people love sharing things about themselves, so they make their campaigns easily sharable on social media with Instagram and Snapchat stories. 

Add a little marketing magic to your business strategies with these easy tips! And if you’re a Spotify user and haven’t checked you’re year-end wrapped with genuine curiosity yet, what are you waiting for? 

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