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Press Release: Expanco celebrates 40 years and amplifies new brand

Glint Adv - October 1, 2020 - 0 comments


Non-Profit fulfillment, assembly, and packaging company introduces a new name and image.


Fort Worth, TX: Expanco, Inc. is proud to announce its change to Amplify. For 40 years, the local non-profit has created opportunities for adults with disabilities, known as clients, through secure document destruction, packaging, and fulfillment. To celebrate this milestone and further their commitment to both clients and customers, they renamed the business and renewed their image. The purpose behind the change was to better align their services with the business community and those they serve. 


Their high-quality business solutions have been executed by a team of adults with disabilities who benefit from job training, social skill development, and an income. With their customers’ support, they have placed over 500 clients in community jobs. With the help of Glint Advertising and the agency’s proprietary brandskeyp process, they have successfully launched their new name and brand identity. “It’s difficult to trust an outside group with such a significant change. After meeting with multiple agencies and learning about their approaches to branding, it became clear that Glint would be the best choice to give our trust,” said Vice President, Dena Walts. The brand evaluation took all of the emotional decision-making out of the process and clarified their mission, vision, values, and business approach. 


Partnering with Glint Advertising was a key component in driving the new strategy and approach. Glint took a fresh approach with the brand and provided video assets, printed materials, incorporated a new website, digital assets, and other marketing material to highlight Amplify’s leadership and unique capabilities. Ryan Noel, Vice President at Glint, explained, “Amplify has an exciting history and provides a unique approach to providing adults with disabilities opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. Working with Amplify not only provides its customers with a quality product, but they also receive an outlet for giving back. We wanted their brand, website, and other assets to reflect their clients’ excitement while convincing customers that their talents are as strong as their competitors. While nothing will compare to touring their facility and meeting their team one-on-one, our goal was to provide a small taste of how organized, focused, and fun Amplify is.” 


Dena added, “Now with our new brand, our customers can get a better understanding of what makes us different, and our clients get job training, social skill development, and a paycheck. Glint helped us with that, and we look forward to a long and productive partnership with them.”


Amplify is open for business and welcomes the opportunity to help with your assembly, fulfillment, packaging, and secure document destruction service needs. Check out the new facility and get to know the fun and experienced team that makes Amplify unique. 


About Amplify: Amplify is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency that assists hundreds of adults with disabilities every day with job training and social skill development. Their services include secure document destruction, packaging, and fulfillment in a 70,000 square foot warehouse in Fort Worth-Dallas, Texas. They partner with companies nationwide to provide top-notch business services while creating meaningful employment for their clients. For more information, visit or contact Dena Walts at 817-293-9486.


About Glint Advertising: Glint Advertising was founded in 2000 and provides branding, advertising, and marketing services to a diverse client base throughout North Texas and beyond. Glint is a full-service advertising agency specializing in branding and integrated marketing campaigns, focusing on strategy and collaboration. Glint has received numerous awards for its creative work. For more information, visit or contact Ryan Noel at 817-616-0320.

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