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Intern Insights: Designing In School vs. With An Agency Team

Glint Adv - February 6, 2015 - 0 comments

Internships provide great circumstances for students to grow and gain experience in their desired field, while allowing them to showcase and fine-tune their own skills. That’s why, here at Glint Advertising & Design, we believe in affording interns with opportunities that will help them succeed in their classes and in the post-college world. Glint’s current student intern, Alli Sanzone, provided insight into the differences between designing in school and working with a design team at an agency:

Designing in school and designing in the “real world” are completely different.

I didn’t realize how true this was until I got a peek into agency life through my internships. In school you have the luxury of creating whatever you want. You work with fun clients, create simple websites, and always have the perfect amount of content for projects. But, this is not always how it goes in the agency world. In school, you don’t have to worry about whether your design will accommodate the three sponsorship logos that need to be prevalent on a tiny flyer. You don’t have to deal with budget or time constraints. You have more creative freedom and don’t always have to go with the client’s choices. I was blinded by the freedom that school had given me with my designs, and once I started interning, I quickly realized this isn’t always the case.

My eyes were opened to the way things actually were. I was challenged to create something that I was happy with, that fit within all of these parameters. But even with these challenges, I’ve started to enjoy designing even more. and am really looking forward to building a career in this field.

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