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Assembling Forces

Glint Adv - October 1, 2009 - 0 comments

Together, we can quickly drive this economy forward and gain more market share. Glint is seeking businesses to connect with to help implement our strategy for faster growth. We are looking to expand, provide more capabilities, have a larger geographic reach and become a more significant player in our industry and market.

We understand that partnering with businesses that share our passion and commitment to clients and our industry can help us both become uniquely positioned to secure better opportunities. Jointly, with expanded capabilities, a greater market reach, and diversity in skill sets, we can provide a broader and deeper range of advertising and marketing solutions to meet clients’ needs and increase profits. Not to mention the opportunities that only larger firms can leverage.

Certainly how we begin our dialogue will be dependent on mindset and the business model of any interested company who sees potential in such an alignment. We feel it is worth a conversation between Glint and anyone who believes in this approach to see if there are benefits to joining forces.

If you are, or know of a company or group of individuals that might be interested in coming out of this economy with a stronger presence in the advertising industry, perhaps it’s worth a discussion on how we might work together to do just that. We’re ready to ignite a change in the way we race to gain market share. Call me directly, Craig Lloyd, President of Glint, at 817-616-0320 if you would like to discuss our future.

You can learn more about us by following our social media discussions on the links provided below. Or, go to our website at to read about our approach to advertising and business.

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