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Glint Adv September 15, 2021
Intern Insights: Amanda Dickman

Intern Insights: Amanda Dickman

Everyone has heard the horror stories of being an intern. It’s getting coffee, filing papers, and making copies. This couldn’t…

Glint Adv November 8, 2016

Stuck in Time?

Do you feel like your digital interactions are on lock down, and the world of social media is moving on…

Glint Adv March 10, 2014
Integrated Marketing – Defying the Laws of Mathematics

Integrated Marketing – Defying the Laws of Mathematics

One plus one equals two. That’s what we all learn in school. But, my old calculus teacher, Mr. Saunders, would be dismayed to find that the same doesn’t hold true in the world of marketing. When a company subscribes to a carefully thought-out integrated marketing plan, they soon find that one plus one actually equals three (or if the campaign’s really good, even more). Although I don’t have a blackboard and chalk, I will attempt to explain this formula. (more…)