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DSG Arms

Ad Campaign

Wanting to take steps toward gaining increased market share within the congested firearms industry, DSG tasked Glint with creating advertising that brought out the unique attributes of their brand. Also, to help them stand-out against competitors.

Glint produced impactful print advertising that utilized employees, retired veterans and public service officers to help showcase the products and inventory that DSG sells. In addition to helping protect and arm consumers with their products, the direction helped connect the support and commitment they provide toward those who safeguard the citizens of America.

Developing and managing the national media buy put the ads and banners in some of the more prominent and respected publications and websites within their market.

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Chamblee & Ryan, P.C.


This project illustrates our ability to take a creative approach for an industry that is extremely difficult to market. Due to the tight regulations and standards of the State Bar, creating unique and engaging marketing for law firms can be difficult, requiring extensive research, strategy and insightful creative. The work was developed to focus on three different areas of law while helping to establish the brand. This was the first mass market approach for the law firm, and included online banner advertising, SEO, SEM, direct mail, and print ads. Since the launch of the campaign, the tracking has shown a 20% increase in new business calls and opportunities.

Prestige Credit Union

Engagement Campaign


About Prestige Community Credit Union
Prestige Community Credit Union has a long history of commitment to its members. Their brand represents a continued commitment to understanding how each member goes about achieving financial success. After all, every member may have a different idea of what it means to be successful.  The credit union was created to help individuals better themselves through the strength of their collective group.  Prestige is the result of their members’ financial success.  They will continue to use that collective power to raise individual members to the “PRESTIGE” they desire.

Whatever it takes to achieve members’ “PRESTIGE”…whether it’s to live in a beautiful home, drive a nice car, be debt free, start a business, retire comfortably or become financially independent; Prestige is committed to helping accomplish those goals.

The Challenge
Gaining the trust of a successful 80-year old business was humbling indeed. Challenged with providing a new perspective and approach to efficiently utilize marketing dollars, Glint was determined to maintain a creative edge while delivering new strategies and methodologies to make budgets go further.

The Solution
Our strategy was to theme a year-long campaign that would stick in the minds of members, promote service-specific products and help Prestige increase product sales and member engagement. The campaign was then integrated across multiple platforms to ensure reinforcement of the messaging.

With data capture and analysis, the campaign was reviewed monthly and fine-tuned as needed to offer the greatest ROI. Monthly reporting was provided to the client for their internal evaluation to validate brand exposure, growth in fan base, and sales opportunities were happening on a consistent basis.

With impressions, engagement and interactions increasing, while cost per acquisition was decreasing, the specific tactics and the overall campaign was a success on many levels.


Why Prestige Likes Us
“We have worked with Glint extensively over the last year on some major projects.  Craig and Todd helped us transform our website to a much more responsive and streamlined design.  We have been delighted with our members’ responses to the changes.  They are also leading the creative and design work for our major promotional campaigns this year.  Todd has really strived to understand our brand promise and relate it to each campaign.  Finally, Glint has created a Social Media plan to support our campaigns and special events that has really increased our member engagement.“
— Ron Knight, VP of Marketing



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