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    Miracle League DFW

Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play Baseball.

The Miracle League of DFW provides children and young adults the opportunity to play baseball regardless of their abilities. The organization removes the barriers that keep children with disabilities from playing baseball and allows them to experience being part of a team. The founder, Doug Inman, was a remarkable and compassionate man and why Miracle League baseball exists in Arlington. Thanks to the Miracle League National organization, the DFW Community, and the City of Arlington for helping bring Doug’s vision to reality.


the challenge

Glint joined the board to help champion the fund raising to build the field and bring awareness to the cause. Through many months of endless determination and outreach, the board and volunteers brought The Miracle League of DFW to life in Arlington, Texas. We set up a photoshoot to showcase the children who would benefit from the cause and shared their stories in all outreach materials. Taking an approach like this is the best way to show the impact a donation will make and tell the story around why it is needed. The initial outreach efforts allowed us to break ground quickly and continue to drive donations throughout the build. Glint developed additional swag and promotional materials to provide brand awareness and visual impact on opening day. With the Texas Rangers and The City of Arlington on board, the dream became a reality. For the first time, children and young adults with disabilities could safely play a game of baseball. Teaming up with school and community sports organizations provided a buddy system on the field so the parents could watch their child’s experience from the stands.

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