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    Nova Landscape Group

Impressive from all angles.

Founded on the bedrock of focusing on people first, Nova Landscape Group crafts commercial landscaping and hardscaping that is impressive from all angles. They believe projects should be aesthetically pleasing to guests and functional for properties.


project overview


the challenge

Nova was a new company looking to break into the commercial landscaping industry. Both owners have an abundance of experience in the field and felt they could bring better customer solutions by focusing on the solutions team. Glint partnered with Nova to bring their vision to life to stand out from competitors and easily translate how they are different.


the solutions

Glint focused on understanding the owners’ journey, goals, and purpose to ensure clearly defined expectations. We then set to work evaluating competitors and the way customers search when they require commercial landscaping. We discovered consistency in everything Nova provides, form work forms to on-site visits would immediately differentiate them. We started by rebuilding their logo and implementing utilization standards that Nova could use immediately.

Together, we then determined video would be the best way to tell their story. By creating the video content to be segmented into snippets, we worked on a script to ensure we hit their key differentiators while capturing B-roll for future segmentation. Followed by a new website, digital strategy, and traditional assets, Nova was set to disrupt the industry and elevate the way companies do commercial landscaping. Their commitment and love of the brand was strong, so much so, Nova incorporated permanent tattoos into a leadership session.

Nova Landscape Group Tattoos


the results

Nova Landscape Group Branding Award

The branding helped to solidify them as a professional business. The branding elements and their tenacity to win kept Nova focused on their differentiators, made them more memorable and helped create an impact that their competitors noticed right away. Nova continues to win business and leverage its position for other philanthropic ventures.

The work also won the Summit International Award for Branding.


client feedback

“The best marketing firm I have ever worked with…hands down! Professional, personal, and client-oriented.”

Anthony Diesch, Partner, Nova Landscape Group



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