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    Think Before You Sleep

There are no risk eliminators, think before you sleep.

Glint crafted a brand name, identity, and social marketing for a new outreach program focused on HIV Awareness. Think Before You Sleep (TBYS) is an educational non-profit focused on building awareness around the risks associated with alcohol and drugs and how they can lead to unprotected sex – resulting in STDs, including HIV. TBYS exists not to be a dampener on people’s fun but rather to raise awareness and educate young people on the importance of safely having fun. They want you to live a longer, healthier life and have a lot of fun while doing it.


the challenge

Glint was asked to strategically establish a brand name and identity for consumers to grasp and then provide informative content for those in need. Starting from a dream and vision and having the challenge of creating the brand’s name, look, and feel while bringing awareness and growth via social media only was an incredible challenge. The campaign outreach focused within a four-county region around Fort Worth and targeted 18-23-year-old minorities within that area.


the solutions

Heavily focusing on digital and social advertising methods, the Think Before You Sleep campaign was launched. The initial launch included creating a website, establishing a presence on three popular social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with the intent to engage and inform individuals about unprotected sex and how getting influenced by drugs and alcohol can lead to HIV, among other STDs. In addition, video spots and blogs were created in the first two months, as were several outdoor assets such as billboards and bus benches, to raise awareness about the brand. This approach encouraged individuals to visit the website and social sites to learn more about the cause. Since 2012, the results of this partnership have shown continued growth year after year.


the results

We are extremely proud to have established a fan base within two weeks of launch and, to date, touting over just under 10,000 followers and counting. New web content and ad spend increases positively affect awareness gains averaging 80% each time. Also, website visits average an increase of 70% during these times. Glint is extremely proud of this client and the growth that continues to be achieved while focusing primarily on one digital tactic – social media.




client feedback

“Glint was tasked with establishing a brand name, identity, and social marketing for our new outreach program. Starting from a dream and vision, and having the challenge of creating the name, look, and feel of the brand, Glint stepped in and provided an incredible pathway for our brand. We continue to work with Glint and look forward to their continued support of our program for years to come.”

— Randy Parsons, Executive Director, Think Before You Sleep

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