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    Eastfield College Athletics

Harvesting power and energy.

One of the challenges with our client, Eastfield College, was to develop new identifiers for the baseball team and athletics department. Utilizing a brainstorming session with the client and past research, we determined that an aggressive mark with soft appeal would best connect with a broad audience. Through our initial branding exercises, we discovered that the Eastfield Harvesters had a natural connection to bees within the community, and would lead to many utilization opportunities. In addition to the logos and promotional materials, the iconic graphic was also brought to life as a mascot.

Multiple sketches and ideas were developed, and the logos selected were the standouts from the concepts. With Eastfield’s agreement and input, the creative nailed the vision and challenge, and the new brands became a reality.


the mascot


client feedback
“So thankful for the partnership with Glint Advertising! My organization worked with the amazing professionals at Glint to develop a phenomenal brand refresh. During the process, Glint took the time to listen to our needs, engage in our community, and provide a clear/honest picture of the direction we needed to go in. THEY ARE TRULY THE BEST!”
— Donielle Johnson, Director of Marketing and Educational Partnerships


awards and recognition

Eastfield College Sports Award

Confirmation quickly came that we weren’t the only people that thought the new branding hit the mark! The branding was entered into a sports advertising competition with an astounding result. Brands were assessed by a panel of national sports marketing and advertising professionals based on creativity, marketing execution, and impact. We had high hopes for a positive result in the competition, so high in fact that our hopes were validated by winning the gold medal in our category.

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