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Fortune Favors Our Members.

The approach needed for the theme was fortune favors our members. Glint brought back Preston, the mascot for Prestige Community Credit, to help bring some whimsy into the campaign. The brand represents a continued commitment to assisting people in attaining the successful financial standing they strive to achieve. Through checking, savings, loans, and financial education, the Prestige Community Credit Union has succeeded because of the strength of its collective group. Being a part of the credit means you’re a member and have a voice in what it does.


the challenge

Members were still transitioning from the pandemic year, with financial stability concerns for most. Prestige wanted to take a friendly approach and communicate that financial solutions were available. Promoting key products for auto loans, debit cards, and Payback Checking made the most sense for helping with the primary areas affecting members. Glint pushed the creative direction to ensure each campaign would stand out against competitors’ approaches and remind members that Prestige still had personality and wanted to help. This approach was critical because branches were closed and couldn’t meet in person.


the solutions

“Fortune Favors our members” was the theme we settled on. It referenced not getting lucky with money and the benefits of being a member. We focused the creativity on a solid and artistic visual to ease viewers’ minds when thinking about financing. Bringing back “Preston Pig” was key to providing personality because visiting the branches was impossible. The offers were tied directly to the images to quickly communicate the benefits members receive. Keeping the messaging simple was critical to the campaigns gaining attention and standing out against the bombardment of financial offers that competitors were doing. Each campaign needed to stand out on its own while maintaining a visually cohesive look with the overall theme.


the results

An overwhelming accomplishment with the campaigns was an increase in awareness and product delivery from previous years while most businesses were stagnant. The Glintegration automation system allowed us to track form fills, grow pipelines, and develop new pathways for email drip campaigns in the future. All of this during the middle of their 85th anniversary.


client feedback

“Our credit union has been using Glint extensively for many years. They’ve managed creative promotional campaigns utilizing social media, web, landing pages, marketing automation, email, movie screen media, and Pay-Per-Click strategies. The level of service that Craig, Todd and Ryan provide is the reason I keep partnering with them.“

— Ron Knight, VP of Marketing

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