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Impact Education

In 2005, a group of parents and volunteers created the Keller ISD Education Foundation to unite the community to help bring innovative and enriching teaching to the 35,000-plus students and 4,000 educators and staff in their school district. Since the beginning, the Foundation has helped ensure that every child in the community has access to exceptional opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Thanks to an active board of directors, dedicated staff, and the enthusiastic support of diverse community partners, they have invested more than $1.2 million in the Keller ISD community. Those investments provide scholarships, grants, innovative funding for teachers, and special programs focused on strengthening kids and teachers within the KISD educational system.


the challenge

The Foundation was in a good place overall; however, it lacked recognition in the marketplace and had a presumed connection to other entities such as Keller Independent School District, the City of Keller, and part of the State/City tax base. Our objectives were precise:

  • Increase brand perception
  • Link education and community
  • Be clear and concise with messaging
  • Support Keller Education School District (KISD)
  • Convey it is not part of KISD
  • Convey it gets no property tax support
  • Add calls to actions on all materials for donations and volunteering


The communication needed to be clear with emotional connections to pull heartstrings. We wanted to ensure the focus wasn’t just on young kids but kids of all ages. The marketing also required a relationship with the community so they would get involved with supporting all kids K-12 and the teachers who educate them.


the solutions

Glint started with a creative brief to connect what the client was trying to achieve with tactics that the client could measure to validate success. The document was the only way to keep the client’s expectations and Glint’s objectives from wavering.

The next step was the utilization of our Brandskeyp, our brand evaluation tool, to align leadership, the board, advocates, and the audience. After Glint gathered consensus, our messaging clearly needed to promote 80% factual and 20% emotional content. Our core communication echoed the idea of thought leaders and influencers who are creative in getting funding to provide innovative programs that engage students and teachers, give them hope for their future, and help them succeed in their lives.

  • To the students: We believe in you.
  • To the teachers: We care about you and support you.
  • To the volunteers and donors: Together, we are making the dreams of KISD students come true.


Glint then applied the messaging to new branding and marketing materials that told a better story around all the things Keller ISD Education Foundation does. The branding and marketing focused on how they raise money and that they are the only Foundation in the area focused on improving KISD education for teachers and students.

The new logo focused on a “K” for community connection with a subtle nod to education through the utilization of a pencil. Adding the tagline “Impact Education” helped solidify the Foundation’s purpose. To further instill community connection, the photoshoot utilized images of actual students, board members, and teachers, among others, who had benefitted from the Foundation.

Brochures, banners, and handouts, among others, were used at business gatherings, school functions, and city events to start the awareness process. Glint developed social templates to maintain consistency through digital communications, and Keller ISD Education Foundation received a new website to tell its core story and benefit.


the result

The rebranding process started awareness immediately, and the Foundation’s new image received overwhelming support from the community and educational institutions. Web traffic grew 15x from the previous six months, donations increased, and more teachers and students engaged the Foundation for program support, grants, and scholarships than ever before.

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