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    HEALTHWave Physicians Institute

When was your last raise?

HEALTHWave Physicians Institute is a premiere men’s health provider specializing in improving intimacy in relationships with their partner. Utilizing GAINSWave, the premium brand of extracorporeal shockwave therapy for ED provides men with healthy options for maintaining confidence in the bedroom. The treatment is all-natural and clinically proven using high-frequency shockwaves to enhance male sexual function, performance, and overall health. It is the only non-invasive procedure that treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow, releasing growth factors in the tissue forming new blood vessels, and breaking down micro-plaque.


the challenge

Media results were trending downward across both digital and traditional tactics. The image of the brand had become unprofessional and was attracting the wrong audience for their products. Also, the story presented by the sales team was inconsistent and hindered closing. There were no outbound tactics, and all of the marketing approaches were to focus on inbound strategies only.


the solutions

Not wanting to hinder the small number of leads coming in, Glint implemented adjustments to the existing advertising to immediately increase conversion. At the same time, we focused on developing a more robust long-term strategy. Our overall goal was to integrate each marketing medium. We tracked each asset to validate its value while developing them to work in conjunction will all assets. This approach not only increased opportunities but brought more overall awareness to HEALTHWave and its products.

The Glintegration Marketing Automation System was put into place to track conversion and build a robust CRM tool for the sales team. The system also helped to define the best customer and increased opportunities for upselling additional services. The CRM was cleaned and segmented by personas so personalized remarketing via email and landing pages could begin.

The approach utilized specialized call tracking numbers in the advertising so HEALTHWave could listen to phone calls and train their team. Before picking up the phone, Glint’s call tracking system also pre-alerted the sales team to know which ad triggered the call, immediately defining the caller’s geo area and defining their gender. The branding was changed to align with ideal audiences and create visual and verbal consistency with the marketing. Managing the media buys and redeveloping the website helped keep the messaging focused. The team implemented blogs and reorganized the website to heighten the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. We now had an effective method for increasing inbound opportunity and managing it so conversion could increase.

Glint designed ad concepts based on the type of publication they went in, and the media mix was adjusted to include Grindr and Retail Display Networks. Radio spots were adapted and used for mass awareness because competition in the metroplex was minimal. Digital advertising became geo focused around the location, while proximity and affluent audience demographics defined the publication advertising.

HEALTHWave Video


the results

Defining the strategy made it easy for HEALTHWave and Glint to be on the same page. Glint hosted monthly meetings to review analytics, effectiveness, and new challenges so the team could adjust if needed. HEALTHWave Physicians Institute became more relevant to their ideal audience with the new brand image, and the adjusted media targeting brought more appropriate opportunities to the business.

HEALTHWave Results

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