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Get to Know Glint Risk Manager and Advisor Shane Houshmand

Glint Advertising - December 20, 2022 - 0 comments

Get to know Glint Advertising’s risk manager and advisor, Shane Houshmand, an accomplished business owner and chief executive officer with over 18 years of operational leadership experience. He considers product management, strategic planning and execution, internal and external stakeholder collaboration and supporting transformational organizations his passions.

Shane has worked from the frontline to the C-Suite and, according to him, thrives when “resolving complex problems.” His multi-level experience prepared him for his entrepreneurial ambitions and made him a well-rounded advisor.

Glint Advertising Risk Manager and Advisor Shane HoushmandShane’s entrepreneurial journey began as the owner of Next Steps Salon Consultants and then acquired MindWorth Solutions. As CEO and COO of Authinx, Shane facilitated a 30 percent revenue increase and a 40 percent efficiency increase in his first year at the helm.ย 

It is no surprise that with this problem-solving prowess, Shane adores March Madness and its last-second defeats and victories.

“All the variables must align, or not,” he says with a smile. If March Madness is not your thing, try Shane’s favorite series,ย The Wire.

Although life’s experiences have been his best teacher, according to Shane, he earned his bachelor’s degree in management information systems. Born in Iran, the immigrant journey for him also enriches his knowledge and perspective. He is also a member of the Sandler Sales Institute Presidents’ Club.

Shane is a family man who believes in the idea of community. Ask him how he met his best friend, and you will see. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Contain the Meeting Monster with Shane’s help:

How to Contain the Meeting Monster

As a person in leadership, you know the value of a meeting, but it is evident by team membersโ€™ participation level or lack of enthusiasm that only some feel the same. Perhaps you have been on the other side and thought you were โ€œwastingโ€ your time in another routine meeting but felt it was a necessary evil, and hopefully, the benefits would outweigh the discord. In larger organizations, it is possible to be part of multiple meetings on the same day, providing the same information to numerous teams and thinking, โ€œIs this the best use of an individualโ€™s time?โ€ Understanding and addressing this reality is a constant struggle in organizations, big and small.ย ย 

From a financial perspective, it is essential to justify each personโ€™s committed time during the meeting instead of lumping everyone into a one-hour time slot and thinking of it as just a โ€œone-hour meeting.โ€ MORE.

Get to know Glint risk manager and advisor Shane Houshmand. Check out his thoughts on when business sense doesn’t make sense, and view Glint’s business operationsย vidcast for budding entrepreneurs, those in managerial positions, or interested in smoother business operations.

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