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Email Signatures Matter – Optimize Yours Today

Glint Advertising - April 12, 2022 - 0 comments

Don’t overlook your company email signature. Here are 10 ways to maximize it today.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly. Not only should your website be optimized, consider updating your email signature. Make sure it is displaying correctly. Consider adding a clickable link to encourage engagement.
  2. Think social responsibility. In Deloitte’s 2022 Global Marketing Trends, the company highlights the need for “authentically inclusive marketing.” A survey showed that 57 percent of consumers are more loyal to brands that address social inequalities. Consider adding banners or icons that promote a specific initiative. Make sure the art is clickable.
  3. Drive viewers to a short-form video. A study conducted by Hubspot in 2022 says that 89 percent of global marketers are planning to continue investing in short-form video or increase investments. This observation makes sense because consumers have shorter attention spans and crave quick, get-to-the-point content. Consider a one-minute or less snippet and add it to your signature.
  4. Don’t forget your remote workers. Keep them on-brand. Remote working is here to stay. Studies show productivity increases and mental health boosts because of the pandemic. But, with this arrangement, commitment to the company culture may weaken. Consider controlling your company email signatures centrally. Keep your branding intact.
  5. Get your event RSVPs. Events are back and in full effect–in person and online. Wouldn’t it be great to capture your event engagement with your signature? Consider adding a “book me” call to action.
  6. Automation sounds like a brilliant idea. Increase efficiency and tracking insights by adding a touch of AI to your signature. Consider feeding click-throughs into your marketing automation funnels and CRM systems. 
  7. Debulk your social media channel selection. Consider keeping your offerings to three to five platforms. Prioritize your platforms by the best engagement for your target audience. LinkedIn continues to be popular in 2022 with new users and features.
  8. Personalize your consumer experience. Consider choosing email signature software with segmentation, targeting, and scheduling rules. There may also be retargeting capabilities.Optimize email signatures
  9. Promote blogs or content that captures attention. Don’t underestimate the power of an engaging blog. It can increase traffic and drive ROI, especially if you have a consistent blog channel. Build your brand SEO with powerful content. Consider adding a call to action to your signature that drives viewers to your blog or a particular blog. Case studies prove that demonstrating product value boosts brand credibility. Try a testimonial. 
  10. Take back control of your territory. While it feels like an IT function, email signatures can be essential to your branding efforts. Optimizing it may be the simplest branding tool in your toolbox. If you, as a marketer, are not in control of your email signatures, take it back. An email will continue to be your company’s number one one-on-one communication channel.

Don’t neglect your company email signatures.

Refine, polish, and optimize a universal weapon in your marketing arsenal.

If you are struggling with executing this low-risk, high-reward update, enlist the help of Glint Advertising. Contact the agency to schedule a consultation.

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