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Why Are Reviews Important?

Glint Adv - August 16, 2021 - 0 comments

In this modern age, it’s essential to take advantage of all opportunities to boost your company’s branding efforts. One way you can do this is through customer reviews. Reviews offer valuable insights into what customers say about your business and how they feel about your products or services. 

Reviews also provide a platform for those who have had negative experiences with your company to voice their complaints. Review sites, such as Yelp, allow companies to monitor their reviews and respond accordingly, which will turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones! 

Are you interested in learning more? Let’s talk basics.

Increase Sales

Some recent studies have found that, for nearly nine out of 10 consumers, an online review is as important to them as a friend’s suggestion. The studies also found that prospects are likely to spend 31% more of their hard-earned dollars on a business with “excellent” reviews. A majority of customers say positive reviews make them trust the company that much more. 

Customers cited reliability, expertise, and professionalism as what matters most to them regarding which traits businesses provide. These same studies also showed that almost 90% of people rely on customer feedback before deciding which brands or companies to do business with. 

Boost Credibility and Transparency

Studies show that customers increasingly value transparency when it comes to where they shop. And considering more and more shopping is being done online nowadays, this shouldn’t be too surprising.

There is an adage that says, “A third person will know more about a situation than the two people involved.” In our internet age, where word travels fast, this is beginning to be more accurate. Customers want to hear what other customers say before they commit. 

You can hire the absolute best salesperson in the world, but with sites like Yelp, customers have unique access to data from other consumers who are just like them: as enthusiastic and passionate about their product preferences as you would expect the top salesman in your company to be.

Boost Website Traffic

According to some Shopify research, customer reviews can also drive traffic to your website by increasing search engine optimization (SEO). While customer reviews are essential for conversion, you shouldn’t ignore the SEO and website traffic components.

If you want to attract more customers and increase your conversion rates, make sure that your products or services have reviews. When visitors search for a particular product or service on the web, they’ll often use words like “reviews” or “ratings.” When they do, they will be able to find yours if it has positive feedback from real people who have tried them out before.

A review is also one of the best ways to signal to customers that you are confident in the products or services you’re offering.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

Although it may not be pleasant, you will eventually need to deal with negative feedback and upset customers. Luckily, there are ways to make the ordeal go a lot smoother without having it negatively impact your brand.

A quick response is essential. Deal with the negative review before more potential customers read it, but don’t make excuses or blame others for it. Offer to handle the matter offline and let the customer know you’re working on resolving it as soon as possible. 

Once you have resolved your issue, post an update outlining how everything was handled offline, without mentioning any private details, and that all parties were satisfied with the outcome. This will help show potential customers if there is an issue, there’s no need for concern. You’ll address it promptly, and they won’t have any reservations about doing business with you.

Increase Your Visibility with Glint

Why Are Reviews Important?

Becoming a successful company is about two things: visibility and satisfied customers. These customers will share your business’s good work through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

One way to get attention from these sites is through high-quality customer reviews. If people have had an amazing experience at one of your establishments, then it’s likely that the happy client will tell everyone else. Such praise encourages more people to consider your services!

These social media websites are especially interested in original or fresh content. They index their pages with various sources to make them more user-friendly for customers looking for information on places they want to visit.

So are reviews important? Absolutely! Reviews are a valuable asset to any business. They can increase sales, boost credibility and transparency, and even drive traffic to your website. That’s why they should always be encouraged. When you want to make a big splash, contact Glint Advertising. We’ll do the thinking and legwork for you, so all you’ll need to do is enjoy success!

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