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Facebook Page Update Coming Soon!

Glint Adv - March 26, 2012 - 0 comments

As with all technology, innovations are being created and released daily. The time has come when Facebook will release a new look for the business page. You may have already seen some glimpse of the change from people who have opted to convert their own profile to this new look early on. With the changes, there are a few improvements you will want to take into consideration:

The most significant change will be the cover photo. You will now have one large image at the top of your page to help promote your business. This image will be called your “cover.” To have a successful cover page you will have to be creative on how to get your fan’s attention. Your cover photo is allowed to promote a campaign concept, but cannot display any call to action information, including your company contact information or a suggestion to like or share your company page.

You will be able to focus your visitor’s attention by Highlighting & Pinning a story. The highlighting will allow you to span the story the full length across your timeline. Pinning the story will allow you to keep the story at the top of your timeline for the week.

The next noticeable difference, is the ability to display apps, also known know as tabs, at the top of your page. You will be able to customize the app photo and the title beneath, which allows you extra opportunities to advertise your company, but remember you cannot use any call to action information in these.

All pages will be automatically updated on March 30, 2011. So make sure you stay ahead of the game by updating your page today! For more info visit

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