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Battle of the Browsers.

Glint Adv - April 26, 2011 - 0 comments

Do you ever browse websites and wonder – Why does this website look so different in different browsers? Or why does your technologically advanced child keep insisting that you upgrade to one of the new fancy-shmancy web browsers such as, Google Chrome or Firefox? As Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer battle it out to to be the top contender on the desktops of internet users today, we explore the issue and what Glint Advertising recommends using as your home base for internet browsing.

Top Recommendation:
Firefox. All three browser’s were recently put to the test with Firefox 4 coming out on top for speediness, memory usage and security. The advantage Firefox has with both chrome and Internet explorer, is that it has embraced the coming of HTML 5.

2nd recommendation:
Google Chrome, Chrome is the new shiny object of today’s browser, of course gaining popularity so quickly because it was developed by the all-powerful google search engine. A lot of research was done to develop this web browser. The outcome became a browser that was very intuitive to use. Chrome could be also referred to as the “Apple” of Internet Browsers.

3rd recommendation:
Internet Explorer 9, While IE is still the most popularly used web browser today (mainly because it has the advantage of being pre-installed on every PC), it is the last on our recommendations for web browsers. IE is notorious for security issues and crashing. You would think that after 9 versions of IE, that these problems would fade.

And there you have it, what Glint thinks about the competition of the most popular web browsers today. If we have struck your interest and you would like to try one of these browsers, they are are all downloadable for free. GOOGLE IT:)

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