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  • Assets
    Branding, Direct Mail, Email, Flyer, Landing Page, Poster, Social Media
  • Client

    Kaner Medical Group


Kaner Medical Groups focus is your healthcare! Their compassionate and skilled providers offer a full continuum of medical services focusing on family medicine and specialized care. Their primary care providers bring a broad range of clinical experience to the table to provide high-quality care throughout all stages of patients’ lives.


the challenge

Connecting with patients and building awareness within the community had become difficult for Kaner Medical Group. Although the physicians were well-known for their capabilities, their overall image became dated and didn’t properly reflect the team’s professionalism and care. Also, the existing outreach lacked consistency and cohesion both visually and verbally. Marketing approaches had become reactionary instead of planned, and existing SAAS tools were underutilized and waisting budget.


the solutions

The Glint team wanted to create a campaign that could integrate the name into the capabilities they were providing while validating their team’s strength. With Kaner Medical Group often communicated as KMG, we knew an adaptive naming approach could be an excellent solution for overcoming the challenge. Replacing the letter “C” with “K” into common words associated with visuals connected to their services and community proved to be a great solution.

Minimizing the multitude of SAAS tools and streamlining asset rollouts for each iteration of the campaign started to focus the marketing efforts. The internal team was now working within their capacity, and we were able to track the impact of each effort. Each campaign within the overarching idea primarily focused on posters, direct mail, email, landing pages, social media, and digital advertising.


client feedback

The challenges of running a medical group are ever-increasing; it’s nice not having to worry about our marketing and branding. The Glint team has taken us to another level, and their monthly check-ins, reporting, and ability to move things forward are refreshing. When we’re not responsive, they keep moving us forward and make it happen. We’ve worked with agencies in the past; none have come close to providing the service, quality, and care that Glint does. We trust them completely.

— Judith Kutler, CEO

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