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    Cirrus Health

Medical opportunities through physician partnerships.

The Cirrus Group is a nation-wide real estate development company specializing in advancing and acquiring medical facilities. The developments include facilities that house various medical services, including ambulatory surgery centers, short-stay hospitals, oncology centers, imaging centers, and other healthcare-related ventures.


the challenge

Marketing was unable to keep pace with the business’s growth, and their brand image wasn’t connecting with investors, partners, or the community. With the fast growth rate that Cirrus was achieving, their agency partner needed to quickly learn the companies’ values and start developing the branding and messaging on the go.


the solutions

Aligning the brand based on what audiences wanted to see and hear was step one. Adding a more sophisticated writing style and corporate visual appeal helped overcome the disconnect from their audience.

Glint created standards to help the internal marketing team work more efficiently while keeping messaging on point. As we worked together, Glint earned the inner group’s trust, and they embraced Glint as part of their team. Glint was integral in organizing content and purpose for each project, resulting in unique approaches that creatively married the leadership’s vision and overall strategy. With our help and guidance, the developed methods quickly increased acquisitions and strengthened Cirrus Health’s investor conversions.


client feedback

“Cirrus Health retained Glint to assist with the branding and advertising of numerous surgical hospitals across the country. What they provided was so much more. Without Glint, it would have been challenging to maintain consistency and turn projects at the pace we needed.”

— Tracy Edwards, Vice President of Marketing

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