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Go Beyond Imagination!

Glint partnered with EECU Credit Union in Fort Worth with their marketing to overcome high competition for loans with a campaign to sway “dreamers” to utilize a home equity loan. EECU offers everything you’d expect from a financial institution. Still, it’s their commitment to delivering value, focusing on supporting the community, and providing a faster, friendlier personalized experience that genuinely reflects the EECU difference! They leverage modern technologies, expanded convenience, and develop new products designed to help simplify their Members’ lives.


the challenge

The primary campaign goal was to educate members about the benefits of home equity loans while maintaining their financial trust. EECU also wanted to communicate that it was natural to desire a new pool or home renovation and that they had a low-risk option to bring those dreams to reality. The campaign also required Glint to connect with English and Spanish-speaking audiences while maintaining consistency in visual representation.


the solutions

Our strategy focused on visual connectivity first. If we could bring both audiences together visually, the advertising content would further clarify the offers and benefits of a home equity loan. First, focusing on the visual component allowed Glint to adjust the copy content to speak in a best-connected way for English and Spanish-speaking audiences. We utilized radio spots and direct mail on the traditional side of the campaign, and we implemented digital approaches for tracking and remarketing efforts. This strategy allowed Glint to create direct connections and mass reach within the market.

SEM executions were crucial to funneling in-market buyers and researchers directly to EECU. We began with a strong SEM (PPC) campaign to establish high-converting keywords. Once installed, we implemented an SEO strategy that included the 20 top-performing keywords to ensure search domination across Google, Bing, and Yahoo! as well as testing tier II/III properties (ex: Pulse 360,, Adknowledge,, etc.) Glint developed our approach to ensure top optimal coverage and spend. Additional digital implementations focused on keyword-loaded content on their website to build relevancy and quality scores, ultimately lowering cost per click. Strong calls to action on designated landing pages assisted in generating conversions, and incorporating analytics tracking ensured the campaign generated results.

We also incorporated a banner campaign to remarket our targeted visitor pool for building the brand and increasing conversions. This approach provided the freedom to rotate ads between our targets based on performance. This approach allowed us to baseline the campaign to help
understand what type of messaging generates clicks and responses. Ultimately, the strategy would enable us to develop a long-term plan focused on optimization, leading to more effective ad texts within the SEM campaign. The campaign would also serve ads within relevant Finance, News, and Media content to reach our intended audience.


the results

The Re-targeting technology allowed EECU to re-engage its audience by delivering ads to individuals who had previously visited its website or had seen messaging outside our targeted networks. Each time a user arrived at pages with the retargeting pixels, our ad server dropped a cookie on the user that identified their IP address. Once the user left the site, the system identified and served ads to that user when they crossed over into our targeted networks. The approach allowed EECU to enhance its marketing dialogue with very qualified users.

Understanding critical metrics, we optimized underperforming placements out of rotation and reallocated the inventory to the best performing placements in real-time. Account managers monitored the campaign daily to target the performance of the campaign against the specified goal.

The campaign resulted in a 54% increase in inquiries and a 6.4% conversion in loan closures within 30 days.


on the radio

EECU Radio Spot



client feedback

“The process was smooth, and the Glint team brought professionalism to the partnership in a way I hadn’t encountered.”

— Musette Bracher, Vice President of Marketing

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