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You’re not the boss of me.

Unity One Credit Union hired Glint to help build brand awareness that showcased some of the unique benefits of their membership. Since 1927, the Credit Union embraced a “people helping people” philosophy. Unlike other financial institutions, they work for your benefit, bring smart solutions to the table, and provide low-cost loans to members. That’s their purpose as a member-owned, not-for-profit financial organization.


the challenge

Unity One was doing a fantastic job connecting with the community through events, sponsorships, business associations, and schools. They were doing this by having feet on the ground but were reaching capacity with time and wanted to leverage their impact. Glint partnered with Unity One to help them further engage within the local community without requiring them to be immediately hands-on.


the solutions

Brand awareness was the key to leveraging their unique impact on the community. Because of the positive impact with every business and individual they encountered, word of mouth was beginning to spread; thus, our strategy had to play off that momentum.

Glint focused on headlines that were empowering and uniquely identifiable with their audience. We wanted to clearly and concisely communicate that Unity One had been around for a long time, articulate ownership for members, and change the way consumers think about money. In addition, we wanted the messaging to reach as many people as possible without promoting outside their unique market segment.

Research with local media outlets brought many community publications and displayed opportunities to the table. The majority of the budget allocated toward advertising and billboards with in-branch posters, inserts, and building skyways utilized for proximity push.


the results

Utilizing a unique URL and phone number, we were able to track the campaign’s impressions. In addition, Unity One confirmed web traffic and call volume also increased during the tenure of the campaign. Comparing client reporting with media engagement and CTA hits the strategy proved to have value. Not only did Unity One receive more recognition, they also increased membership.

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