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Elevate Your Brand with Glint Advertising’s Unique Approach

At Glint Advertising, our relentless pursuit of the ideal concept ensures our clients stand out from their competition and achieve success. Our goal isn’t just to get the job done; it’s to deliver unexpected solutions that make marketing messages relevant and impactful for customers. Known for our passion for advertising and backed by proven results, your ad agency should be as enthusiastic about your brand as you are.

Understanding the nuances of various marketing components is essential in determining where and how a brand should connect with its audience. Competition is fierce in both traditional and digital media. Therefore, it is crucial to know where to place your message and ensure it stands out in a crowded landscape.

At Glint, we aim to build partnerships that align with our distinctive advertising approach. We envisioned an agency where no business is underserved, creating an environment where personal, undivided attention thrives. We listen, research, develop, and deliver the right solution at the right time. Most importantly, we foster long-term partnerships and trust, moving beyond mere project work.

Glint Advertising Awards

There is an innate fascination with images that catch our eye and ideas that capture our imagination. Even the tiny glow of a firefly’s light can inspire and fascinate its viewers. Much like that glow, the advertising we produce for our clients commands attention and intrigues the viewer, thus, producing results.

What is it that you truly want to accomplish?

Tell us your goals and budget, we’ll tell you what’s possible. Glint will meet with you to discuss strategies around your objectives.

01. Glint Of Reason

A digital agency sells digital, and a marketing agency sells tactics, a branding agency like Glint focuses on the brand. Our agency always focuses on the brand first because if it’s not resonating correctly, budgets typically become wasted dollars. If the brand needs help, we fix it. If the brand is right, we move forward toward integrating marketing channels. Through research, testing, and collaboration with you, we set a plan for execution that accounts for anticipated ROI. From there, we build the advertising messages and consumer engagement visuals to help your customers take notice.

We are a group of talented, creative people who like to spend our time crafting messages and images that get our clients noticed. We produce marketing that tells your customers what they need to hear, forming engaging two-way conservations between brand and consumer. Partnering with brands of all sizes, we are not afraid to roll our sleeves up and get to work!

02. Brainstorming

We find that the most successful advertising campaigns stem from a strategic collaboration between client and agency. As a result, we prefer to get the client involved in the process. Working together, we produce an outcome far more appealing than your standard, run-of-the-mill advertising. After all, who knows your business better than you?

When we talk with a prospective client, we are determining if we can help and if our approach to business is a good fit for you. Sometimes it’s a “no,” most often, it’s a “yes.” Either way, we’re here to help. The initial brainstorming session we provide has prospects leaving with more than “it was nice meeting you.” They typically leave knowing more than they did about methods to market their brand than they did before walking through our doors. We also get the opportunity to talk and meet with the marketing team to determine if our personalities jive.

03. Integration

Integrated marketing that focuses on the brand is where we start. If you don’t have at least three points of integration, then we need to help you get there. Once you’re there, Glint can help boost your ROI by expanding the strategy and making individual marketing mediums more powerful than they would be alone.

Instead of touching a multitude of tactics at the surface level, we’ll prioritize your goals so your brand will thrive long-term. Glint helps lead and conquer each marketing medium our client’s access. And, over time, the brand resonates and begins to dominate its industry. When we engage the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message, our opportunity for conversion is tremendous.

04. Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising remains a vital component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Television commercials, direct mail, billboards, and other conventional mediums are crucial in reaching target audiences. When integrated with digital efforts, these tools can enhance overall campaign effectiveness. At Glint, we harness the power of traditional media to complement and amplify your digital marketing efforts, ensuring a well-rounded and effective strategy.

05. Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is crucial in today’s branding and marketing landscape due to its data-driven insights and transparency in validating returns. Given its high impact, competitors also heavily invest in digital, cluttering the market. To stand out, Glint ensures your campaigns have the right messaging, strategy, and optimized keywords, along with A/B test validations. Our approach maximizes your ROI by focusing on practical and targeted digital advertising strategies.

06. Strategic Communication

Our strategy ensures you have at least three integration points to create a cohesive approach. If you don’t, we help you achieve this foundational setup. Once established, we amplify your ROI by expanding the strategy and enhancing the effectiveness of individual marketing mediums, making them more powerful collectively than they would be alone. This comprehensive process ensures your marketing efforts are synergistic and impactful, providing you with a competitive edge in the market.

07. Happy Hour

All work and no play provides the perfect avenue for burnout. We often burn the midnight oil because that is when inspiration hits, and we never want a great idea to be lost or forgotten. On occasion, we also find a great idea at the bottom of a beer glass while we’re unwinding.

Come brainstorm with us during happy hour and meet employees, friends of the agency, and clients, all of which are affectionately known as (glintsters). Happy hour with Glint is a safe place for bonding and camaraderie where glintsters come to unwind, ask for help, sometimes unload challenges from the week, and feel comfortable knowing their thoughts will never leave our four walls. The best part is we cover the cost of the snacks and beverages because all we want is your company.

Why our clients like us

Great group of talented professionals. Their team has an incredible imagination. They take the time to learn about your business and come up with great concepts to boost the company's presence and relevance in the sea of obscurity. We appreciated that they put our interest first, and our ROI was not just a sales pitch but a commitment. We will refer to them every chance we get.

— Shane Houshmand

Owner, Next Step Salon Consultants

The best marketing firm I have ever worked with...hands down! Professional, personal, and client-oriented.

— Anthony Diesch

Partner, Nova Landscape Group

So thankful for the partnership with Glint Advertising! My organization worked with the amazing professionals at Glint to develop a phenomenal brand refresh. During the process, Glint took the time to listen to our needs, engage in our community, and provide a clear/honest picture of the direction we needed to go in. THEY ARE TRULY THE BEST!

— Donielle Johnson

Director of Marketing and Educational Partnerships, Eastfield College

Glint was tasked with establishing a brand name, identity, and social marketing for our new outreach program. Starting from a dream and vision, and having the challenge of creating the name, look, and feel of the brand, Glint stepped in and provided an incredible pathway for our brand. We continue to work with Glint and look forward to their continued support of our program for years to come.

— Randy Parsons

Executive Director, Think Before You Sleep

The challenges of running a medical group are ever-increasing, it's nice not having to worry about our marketing and branding. The Glint team has taken us to another level, and their monthly check-ins, reporting, and ability to move things forward are refreshing. When we're not responsive, they keep moving us forward and make it happen. We've worked with agencies in the past; none of them have come close to providing the service, quality, and care that Glint does. We trust them completely.

— Judith Kutler

CEO, Kaner Medical Group

08. Branding

Branding is the communication of characteristics, attributes, and values of a company’s offering. It is the essential foundation that lays the groundwork for an organization’s success. Branding is not a logo. It is a promise of what consumers can expect when interacting with your product or service. This interaction can be on many levels: visiting a storefront, talking on the phone with an employee, perusing organizational brochures, websites, and other marketing materials.

Glint works with leadership teams, business owners, and marketing professionals to ensure their brands are portrayed correctly across fully integrated marketing campaigns and one-off targeted tactics.

09. Advertising

Advertising is a form of communication that is used to persuade a targeted audience to engage with a brand. At Glint, that is precisely what we do. We produce compelling marketing pieces that attract attention and get results.

As consumers are inundated with advertising messages daily, the keys to standing out are to craft advertisements that contain what the consumer needs to hear and to deliver the communication in a way that reaches them. Glint works with both traditional and interactive strategies to ensure our client’s message reaches the intended audience and incites action.

10. Consulting

Clients come to us with a surplus of questions. How much should I spend on marketing? How do I use my money efficiently? How do I show ROI? What methods are the most impactful? Each of these questions can only be answered by understanding what the business wants to achieve from its marketing.

We spend time learning the goals and expectations of our clients to help them plan and implement marketing strategies that produce their desired results. Sometimes this consists of working together to freshen current methods, and other times it involves guiding a company down a new path to explore avenues never tried before. Glint is there for you, how you need us, from exploration to implementation.