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01. Hatch A Great Idea

The Ncubāt [in-kyuh-beyt] Studios are as unique as Glint’s branding, advertising, and marketing strategies. When you have to solve business challenges in a creative way consistently, you need a space that can help get you in the right mindset. Glintsters find the space uniquely reflective of their ideal working environment, and we also noticed our partners see a lot of success when they utilize it. When you hire Glint, our Studio full of technology and tools for your team to have creative collaboration outside of your four walls is yours. We’ll be here if you want us, or we’ll throw you the keys and leave. We can work from anywhere, anytime. 

You’ll find your meetings more productive and result in more thought-provoking conversations when you have them here. We’ll be there anyway you need us, before, during, or after, to help bring the talks to life. After all, what good is incubating a great idea if it never gets delivered?




The Fort Worth location serves as Glint’s corporate office and defines the expectation of how each Studio will look and operate. Each Studio has the full support of corporate and the other studios when specific expertise or team expansion is needed to assist a client. The corporate office provides growth strategy, business planning, and accounting for each location.

Glint Office Brainstorming

02.1 Brainstorming

We find that the most successful ideas stem from a strategic collaboration between people. Work-in knowledge of marketing mediums and tools, and you have an environment conducive to problem-solving.

Glint Office Presentation

02.2 Presentations

Wowing your team or guests when they first walk through the door will set you up for success. Establish the mood of the presentation by utilizing a formal or casual setting. Use the latest technology to project and inform the viewers.

Glint Office Collaboration

02.2 Collaboration

Gather for team building, focus groups, or offsite meetings. When you assemble for collaboration, these sessions will be far more effective in a creative environment. Getting out of your four walls will provide more constructive conversation.

Glint Office Toys

02.4 Toys

Work hard, play hard. Have intention in everything you do. When you do your best playing games, it resonates your best is applied in everything you do. Take a minute and let your personality shine.

Glint Office Treats

02.5 Treats

We all love to eat. Snacks and drinks are a must when bringing people together. Make your guests the most comfortable by catering to every sweet tooth, snacker, and adult beverage sipper.

Glint Office Comfort

02.6 Comfort

Offer a unique environment that connects with the individuals inside it. The one-style fits all approach is gone. Everyone can find an area they love so they can be the best version of themselves.


03. Building

Studio one is a 1,900 sq. ft. creative space that Glint utilizes for developing branding, advertising, and marketing for our clients. The Studio allows for multi-level meetings and collaboration within a casual environment with multiple seating options and spatial configurations. The kitchen, bar, whiteboard, computers, projector room, and multiple large displays to view presentations or watch movies make the studio ideal for creative thinking. We also have a more formal area that allows 10-12 people to comfortably sit around a conference table with a large flat-screen TV and computer for presentations, conferencing, or reviewing work online.

Ncubat Studio Rendering

What is it that you truly want to accomplish?

Tell us your goals and budget, we’ll tell you what’s possible. Glint will meet with you to discuss strategies around your objectives.


04. Expansion

The studios have a location President and provide ownership opportunities, a five-person Glintster team to manage, and the agency’s entirety at their disposal. This structure means you’re always dealing with someone who has a vested interest in Glint. When someone has a stake in the game, they desire to succeed for you and themselves.

Each Studio leader comes with previous business ownership or significant leadership roles with large companies to ensure they understand business intricacies. They also go through leadership training at Glint to ensure they can achieve the Glint standard. This type of requirement and training means each leader will have a proven track record of client service, client development, and business management success.

Glint Expansion Chart

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