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01. Financial Marketing in the Consumers’ Mind

Regardless if you’re a credit union or a traditional bank, convincing consumers you are the best resource for their financial needs can be a daunting task. More importantly, KEEPING them can be equally challenging unless you have a well-thought-out strategy. In addition, the persona’s of ideal customers or members can shift quickly based on age, economy, and needs. Therefore, knowing how to formulate content that appeals to them is crucial.

Glint has provided successful branding and marketing strategies to banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions for over 20 years. We would welcome a conversation around ways to help prepare budgets and formulate strategies for closing out 2021 as we go into 2022. To help right now, as you undoubtedly look to stay ahead of the curve, Glint is offering a complimentary social media audit of your accounts as a thank you for considering us as a partner.

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Glint Social Media Audit

01.1 Free social media audit to analyze engagement effectiveness with your customers or members.

Glint is prepared to assist you with a professional evaluation of your brand across social media. The analysis will reveal relevant messaging and tools to ensure your brand is top-of-mind with consumers and communities. Aligning your audience segments across all your platforms is a great way to ensure your brand communication is on point. Understanding whether your communications connect and deliver the way your followers want to hear it is key to long-term loyalty.

02. Bank and Credit Union Marketing Made Easy

Glint Advertising has been providing successful marketing support to the banking and credit union industry for over 20 years, and we’re proud to say we’re still actively engaged. We understand the complexity of your industry, how to successfully communicate to your audience, and how your landscape has changed. The bottom line is, Glint can help direct the right message that will bring you new customers or members – and help you keep them!


Enthusiasm and drive bloom when there’s ROI. If you’re not getting results, your passion can quickly become a side project without much focus.


03. Affordable Options for Financial Marketing.

We’ve prepared three starting price points for your consideration should you want to enhance your team with Glint’s experience. In addition, we can help reach your target audience with a short-term awareness campaign or marketing and branding strategy across traditional print assets, social media, video, and digital media. The budgets shown below are generalized values based on past industry-related client investments. The estimations do not account for media buys or the reproduction of assets.


Tell your story and lay the foundation.

$ 5K

per month

6-12 month commitment.

Get Started


Share your story and invite them in.

$ 6.5K

per month

6-12 month commitment.

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Be the business people talk about.

$ 8K

per month

6-12 month commitment.

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If you’d like to talk specifics, please call us at 817-616-0320 or send us an email.
To see a full list of our capabilities and areas of focus, please click here.

04. Performance

“Our credit union has been using Glint for many years. They lead the creative and design work for our major promotional campaigns, manage our social media, and make sure our brand promise relates to each campaign. Finally, Glint has really increased our member engagement, and the level of service that Craig, Todd, and Ryan provide is the reason I keep partnering with them..”

— Ron Knight, VP of Marketing, Prestige Community Credit Union

Prestige Preston Pig

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