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01. City Tourism and Vacation Travelers

Cities and CVBs have been hit hard during the pandemic and are trying to figure out the best ways to entice people to travel to their towns. Many travelers are ready to venture out either with a staycation or a regional vacation. However, if they’re going to venture away from their homes, they want to overcome travel challenges and ensure the places they visit will be clean and safe during their adventure.

To help defeat the marketing challenges COVID-19 has put on cities and tourism, Glint has researched some of the top things travelers are most concerned about when traveling, the top things they want to enjoy while traveling, and how far they want to travel. You can download the report for free below.

Statistics Report for CVBs and Tourism

Reporting Goals: Assist in providing cities and convention visitor bureaus (CVBs) with information regarding tourism and economic opportunities that they would find insightful, via investigating questions around tourism and other CVBs. The geographic test area for research was in the North Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth and close surrounding) areas.



Will Travel

By car only


Total Expenses

Spent on food



To see child excited


Choose Destination

Based on visuals

02. City and CVB Marketing Campaigns

Glint advertising has helped convention and visitor bureaus, cities, and their marketing teams work through the challenges of becoming the chosen destination for tourist travel. We also understand tourism budgets are at an all-time low, which makes communicating your advantages and attractions much more difficult as you compete to earn tourist dollars for your community. Glint can sway tourism your way by clarifying why you’re the city or town that deserves their attention.


Ethusiasm and drive bloom when there’s ROI. If you’re not getting results, your passion can quickly become a side project without much focus.


To help you overcome the tourism slowdown, we have prepared three price points for your consideration should you want to enhance your team with Glints’ expertise. We can help you get started with a short-term awareness campaign, a year-long support contract, or lay the foundation for accomplishing branding, marketing, and consulting against a long-term vision.

03. Affordable Options for Tourism Marketing.

Marketing strategy, branding, and campaigns across traditional print assets, social media, video, and digital media can be utilized to reach your audience starting today. The budgets shown below are generalized values based on past industry-related client investments. The estimations do not account for media buys or the reproduction of assets. 


Tell your story and lay the foundation.

$ 2K

per month

6-12 month commitment.

Get Started


Share your story and invite them in.

$ 3K

per month

6-12 month commitment.

Get Started


Be the memory they'll share with others.

$ 4K

per month

6-12 month commitment.

Get Started

If you’d like to talk specifics, please call us at 817-616-0320 or send us an email.
To see a full list of our capabilities and areas of focus, please click here.

04. Performance

“They have exceeded our expectations in their ability to assimilate the feedback collected from our focus groups. A true partner like Glint Advertising understood my vision and strategy and translated it into brand imagery and messaging. Not all agencies take the time to learn your vision or come to understand the needs of your organization and audience.”

— Jessica McClellan, Head of Marketing, Mesquite Convention & Visitors Bureau

2019 CVB Awards Mesquite Texas

05. Partnerships

Let's go There Logo

Add to the entire travel industry’s collective strength and complement a comprehensive and strategic paid and earned media campaign to reach Americans who are interested in planning future travel. Share “Let’s Go There” materials on your owned channels—marketing developed by the Let’s Go There Coalition.

Let's Texas Logo


The Travel Texas advertising campaign, “Let’s Texas” is about exploring all the state has to offer. By turning the state name into a verb, the campaign promotes a Texas trip as an experience like no other with a side of true Texas spirit that you can’t get anywhere else.—marketing developed by Travel Texas

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