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What Glint is Loving Lately

Glint Advertising - July 14, 2022 - 0 comments

Glint shook it up this month with a podcast/vidcast that reveals our fave things at the moment or, as Big & Rich coined, “lovin’ lately.” Some mentions, you will guess, but there may be a couple of surprises.

Here’s what Glint is Loving Lately.

Erayne goes first.

Erayne’s Lovin’ Lately #1: Portable AC Unit

If you have been around her for the last three months, the first topic in any conversation is the heat–particularly how uncharacteristic it is so early in the season. Convinced that the world is ending, Erayne runs toward any convenience that will make the transition less uncomfortable.

So, it’s no surprise that she has discovered portable AC units.

It’s pretty inescapable since Tik Tok serves numerous ads every opportunity its advertisers fund. You will get many reasons this cooling tool should move from your “wants” to “needs” list pronto.

Not shockingly, aesthetics rivals function for Erayne. As a result, she shared her Amazon-delivered, mod-inspired purchase. Retailing around $25, this compact, green conditioner is lightweight with a high capacity for water and ice cubes (the secret weapon for cooling). 

Craig’s Lovin’ Lately #1: Capability & Endurance

Since celebrating the new year, Craig has committed to personal fitness and wellness for his mind, body and soul. He is hitting the gym multiple times during the week, has found a trainer who challenges him, adds variety to workouts and demands excellence. Unsurprisingly, Craig’s first lovin’ lately is his physical endurance and ability to finish each workout. Knowing that his body is thriving in physically-taxing moments has revived his spirit, and his attitude has improved, he thinks. There’s nothing like feeling strong–able to leap tall buildings (and stuff).

The Law of Attraction lives! 

Erayne’s Lovin’ Lately #2: A Safe Place for Women of Color 

While this is not a rare occurrence, Erayne’s recent interactions with women, particularly women of color, have been uplifting and healing for the soul. The night before recording the podcast/vidcast, thanks to an invitation from Cameka Crawford of Richardson ISD’s Educational Foundation, she was able to break bread with driven go-getters whose commonalities are binding. The gathering reminded Erayne that although the roads we trod sometimes feel lonely, they are rarely lonely. Safe places to share without judgment and full-on encouragement are just the things needed to place one foot in front of the other. 

Craig’s Lovin’ Lately #2: The Lloyds

Birthdays are a great reminder to be present and celebrate the air we are privileged to breathe. Craig’s crew did that at a volleyball tournament on his birthday weekend. Although it was a sweltering 100 degrees, all four Lloyds were united and playing as a team. Please don’t ask about the final tournament standings; it doesn’t matter.

What mattered was the camaraderie and bonding that took place in the heat of the sand. 

Erayne’s Lovin’ Lately #3: Perfume Oil

You can spend obscene amounts of money on perfumes and rarely get close to the quality and long-lasting effects you expect from expensive brands. Erayne found a solution at her beauty salon Zyawnis & Co, in south Fort Worth. Salon owner Regina Knox adds Royal Fragrances by King to her shelves and supports her fellow entrepreneur of color. King’s specialties include his versions of Chanel, Michael Kors and Gucci in a roll-on or full-size bottle. Don’t sleep on the Michelle Obama fragrance.

Consider one of Erayne’s Lovin’ Lately yours. If you are reading this, email right now for your chance to win before or on August 15, 2022. While supplies last.

Find your next obsession.

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